Thursday, October 18, 2007

One Week To Go!!!

Hurrah! We're on our last week of this never ending deployment. Up until last week the reality of the close end hadn't fully hit me. In a way, it hasn't completely yet either. I suppose that it'll take awhile even after he gets home. However excitement has begun to spread like wildfire around these parts. Some groups have already come home and a bunch will this weekend. The entire community has been covered with yellow ribbons, flags and welcome home signs. I'll be very happy once the entire Brigade has arrived safely and life begins to take on a bit of normalcy.

The past few weeks since I last posted hasn't been especially busy. I'm just having a hard time concentrating on any one activity so nothing gets accomplished. We had a very nice visit with Royd's father and stepmother last week. It was great to see the boys playing and bonding with family after such a long time. Being stationed in Europe has its perks, but it certainly makes familial bonds strained.

Ok, now onto the knitting part of what I've been up to. First, I have to give a big public thank you to Dave. I "won" a prize in his Dugly Uck contest awhile ago. Not only did he send me my choice of "ugly" yarn but also included two skeins of gorgeous yarn.

Rare Gem

Painted Daisy

Thanks so much Dave! They have been tucked into the bulging box that contains the other pretties and are now making friends.

I suppose that since it is Socktober, it only seems fitting that I knit some socks. In reality, I had kinda forgotten about it and just needed a mindless project to work on. Although I have lots on the needles right now, anything with patterning just doesn't appeal to me.

Ripple Socks
Pattern: Plain vanilla socks on 64 stitches with a band heel
Yarn: "Ripples" Minestrone from Yarn Chef

This was nice yarn to knit with. Katy has some great color combinations that are right up my alley. I've marked a few as favorites and hope to get some more in the future. While I have knit a band heel before, none of them were for myself. I wasn't really sure I was going to like it, but wanted to try something other than a short row heel to keep the stripes in line. When I first put them on it felt weird, but after wearing them about I found they accommodate my heel just fine.

Naturally since the hubby is going to be home soon, I probably won't be posting for a bit. On the other hand, he now takes control of my car everyday so I'm going to be stuck at home once again... Well, I'll see everyone once things settle down here!

Psst! Lots of new stuff in the shop this week! :)