Sunday, December 26, 2004

Ho, Ho, It's Over

Actually, I did manage to get a little bit into the spirit after all. My celebration manifisted itself in the way of baking cookies. Five batches worth. This is down from my traditional minimum of seven or eight. One wouldn't know that I had been baking for two days though. There isn't a cookie left in the house. They were either given to various neighbors or eaten. I won't say which disposed of more.

I hope that Santa was good to everyone else this year. He brought me lots of goodies. This picture showes a sampling. Four balls of Gedifra Scarlet, two skeins of Koigu in #403 (which I have to say is one of the pretties colors I've seen yet) and three of TSC's Donegal Tweed.

My lovely family also indulged me in other things: wooden dpns, a set of Lantern Moon needles, a copy of Socks, Socks, Socks and a copy of Simple Socks. Such wonderful things! I can't wait to play with everything.

My hands are still bothering me, but are better than they were. I've been wearing splints, taking Motrin, doing back and arm exercise and avoiding knitting to try to make them better. Avoiding knitting is proving to be very hard! I do sneak in a few rows everday, just to get my fix.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Secret Pal Revealed

Awesome goodies were awaiting me yesterday at the post office! My secret pal, Pam, sent me a bracelet, a spindle and a knitting calendar. Wow! Thank you so much, Pam! You really, really spoiled me. I'm sad to see the end of SPs, I had so much fun doing it. I probably won't be doing SP4, maybe the one after it though.

Actually, the package got here on Monday, but I didn't know about it until yesterday. The clerks forgot to put a notice in my box and then had the nerve to give me a nasty second-notice. It's now the second time this has happened and I'm quite annoyed with them.

I'm in denial that Christmas is only six days away. My house shows no signs of it's short arrival, except for a lonely wreath on my front door. There will be no tree this year, only a tabletop artificial with some bows stuck on it. This is so weird for me, usually by the first week in December I'm dancing around, giddy like a school girl. All of this strange phenomenon has to do with Royd not being here. It just doesn't feel like the holidays without him. I've tried to get Reilly excited in the hopes that it'll rub off, but he doesn't quite get it. All he knows is that presents are coming. The concept of Santa isn't quite sinking in. Next year.

Today's my birthday. I'm making a carrot cake to celebrate. Since Reilly has dairy allergies, I made him some cupcakes with some of the batter. I could have chosen a cake and icing that he could have eaten, but it's my day and my cake. Besides his birthdays in less that three weeks. I got an awesome present from my sister Laura. She sent me a gift certificate to Elann!!! Oh, the trouble I'm going to get into...

Actually, I haven't been knitting too much this week. My carpal tunnel is acting up very badly. Just doing one row sets my hands and arms on fire. I'll need to go to a doctor pretty soon in order to get a referral to a therapist. I can just hear my mom(an OT herself) saying "I told you so" right now. But all is not lost. I've spending my lost knitting time cleaning and organizing my house.

I'll leave you with the latest picture of Connor, sporting his booties and a hat I made him:

Monday, December 13, 2004

Three Weeks!?!

Honestly I can't believe it's been that long since I had a baby and last posted too. I'm not sure where the time is going. It seems that each day is a blur and before I know it, it's 9pm and time for all of us to hit the sack.

Royd left last Saturday morning to go back. Saying goodbye again was harder than I had thought it would be. I just keep telling myself that it's only 2-3 more months and he'll be back home for good. That is unless he gets extended, which we have yet to find out. His visit home couldn't have worked out better. We got to spend two days together before Connor was born, he witnessed his son's birth and then a week and a half to bond with him. Reilly really enjoyed having his dad home too and is now having some issues with him being gone again.

Thanks to a quick recovery from labor, we were able to go out and do things. Mostly we did alot of shopping for Christmas, both for us and for his guys. My poor, poor credit cards!

One day we all headed down to the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas Market) with my in-laws. There were all these vendors set up in the cutest little outdoor buildings. They have a name, but it eludes me right now. I didn't see anything I couldn't live without, but Royd spent some serious euros on Gluhwein (spiced hot wine). We now have quite the collection of mugs that it was served in. You pay a deposit for the mug and can either return it and get your money back or keep it. There was also a pen with some goats in it and Reilly had a blast feeding them. Of course the day wouldn't have been complete without a stop at the bakery and loading up on some yummy treats. Can I say yummy again?

I have gotten a little knitting done. I've been working on these socks. They were intended for me, but turned out a little too tight, so I'll end up giving them to my mom.

I also started on Mariah from the latest issue of Knitty. I'm about half way through the first sleeve. I had been going through all of my patterns looking for a cabled sweater and then I saw this. It's perfect. I love hoodies and the cable isn't so complicated that I'll get tired of it before completion.

Also I wanted to show what my friend Jean sent me. Aren't they just the cutest little booties? She also sent Reilly a book that he very much enjoyed. Thank you, Jean, you're awesome!

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

He's Here!

Let me introduce the newest addition to our family: Connor Patrick.

He arrived early Saturday morning, on his due date no less, at 8 pounds. So far he's been a delightful baby. He hardly ever cries and eats like a horse! Reilly has taken the role of big brother on without any hesitations, which relieved a lot of worries on my part. Right now we're just taking it easy and getting adjusted to our new life. I'll post as more things happen and leave you with a picture of my three boys together.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

No Baby Yet

Well, the little one is holding out so far. I have to say that I was a complete nervous wreck all weekend. Everytime I felt a contraction or slightly not well, I went into a panic. But it's now Tuesday and I've gotten this far. My FIL arrived today much to my relief. Now if the baby wants to come, I don't care. For one, I'll have a ride to the hospital without waking up the entire building and then Reilly will have someone to stay with him in his own house. Honestly I was more concerned about Reilly than anything else. I can't imagine how scary it would be for a two year old to be awakened in the middle of the night only to be shuffled off to someone elses house to sleep on a couch. Then wake up the next day and not have his mom. I know kids are quite resilient, but I have those guilty mommy thoughts.

My dear husband called this morning to let me know that he will be back in Germany tomorrow morning. Awesome! He's been stuck doing debriefing procedures and such. Too bad I won't be home when he gets here, I have an appointment and then a few errands that must be done in his due home time frame. Oh, well, I guess I can wait another hour or two. Besides it'll give him a chance to de-stink and wash his uniform. Anyone who has know anyone that's been in the desert for months on end can tell you about this...

I do have some knitting news to report. I intended to finish the Tropical and Leaf Lace Socks this weekend. This did not happen. Reilly frogged the Leaf Lace for me and I can't figure out which size needle I used for the Tropical. I was so sure that I wrote this simple matter down, but it appears nowhere on my notes. Could I swatch? No, my gauge fluctuated throughout the first sock. I guess I'll be ripping these out and re-doing. It's okay. As much as they fit great, I wasn't totally happy with the ribbing.

Frustrated, I started a new pair of socks, using the Esprit Print I recently received.

All I need to do is finish the ribbing. They're not quite so lime green in person. Really.
I also decided to finally make some blankets for charity. I've been meaning to do this for forever, but have gotten sidetracked by various other projects that I had to do now. Now's a good a time as ever. I'm crocheting them. Yeah, you read right. I do crochet on occasion. I love the fact that a baby blanket that is 37"square took a day and a half when it would have taken me at least a week if I had knit it. Though, I do not personally like the fabric crochet makes, it's not for me. Is that wrong? That I would do something I don't love for someone else? Anyway, here's a pic of one blanket completed. There's another in the works.
Not very exciting, eh?
Okay, one more thing. I have a major dilemma. I just got a shipment from Amazon. It's a few books I had put on my wish list and my sister got them for me. I know what's in there and I'm dying to look at Ann Budd's latest greatest book. They're a Christmas present. Do I open the box or do I put it in the basement and wait? Help!!!

Friday, November 12, 2004

Waiting Games

I hate waiting. It makes me anxious. I can't sit down or concentrate on anything. Instead I feel the urge to get up and do things to try to take my mind elsewhere. But that's the last thing I need to do.

What am I waiting for, you ask?

First, my husband to get home. They keep changing his arrival date and it's driving me crazy. Understandably he's in a place where life itself changes everyday. The rational side of me says it's okay-he'll be home when he can, it's out of his control. The emotional side of me is screaming that I just want him here. Granted he wasn't suppose to be coming home so soon, but now that it's so close, I'm positively antsy.

Second, I had another OB appointment today. She asked if I wanted to be checked for progress and also warned me that she could not predict whether labor was emminent or not. I of course had to know. Well, she quickly changed her mind. Based on how far along I was last week to this week, I'm progressing very fast. She honestly believes that the baby will be here soon-within the weekend. Not what I wanted to hear. My FIL isn't here yet! So, I spent the rest of the day getting all of my emergency people notified. I think I'm set. Now, I'm just making sure everything in the house is set, the hospital bag is at a go and anything else I can think of. I need to be sitting down and relaxing-trying to enjoy this lull before the hurricane. I just can't seem to. Urghhh...

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

I Got Mine... Did You?

Just look what was waiting for me at the Post Office today:

Why, that's fifteen balls of the Highland Wool in the loveliest shade of Tuscany Green and four balls of Sock it to Me Esprit Print sock yarn-two in Summer Meadow and two in Shades of Grey. Oh, such yummy yarn! Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do with it! So many possibilities...

I was quite surprised to get it today. I only placed the order six days ago. Now I don't feel so bad about paying the $10 shipping. It's when I pay that or more and it takes a month to get to me that I get pissy. Elann has become a best friend.

I wasn't going to show this, since it's a present, but I couldn't resist.

This is the start of Clapotis III. I just love the colors of this one-it's being done in a merino wool from Rodel Wolle. It's so tempting to keep it for myself. I got the last four balls in this color, but they're really good about replenishing their stock. So I may just have to run down and get some more in a few days (provided baby boy doesn't show up!).

One more thing: winter is here in Germany!!! IT'S SNOWING!!! Yay, I haven't seen snow since the winter of '99/'00 when I lived in Pennsylvania. I hope it keeps up so I can take Reilly out for his first romp in it ever. Ahhh, the simple joys of motherhood.

Monday, November 08, 2004


A week and a half. That's it. Yup, my days of knitting marathons and exploring my new host country are quickly depleting. As I was staring at the calendar this morning, this realization washed over me. Ugh. Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to the little ones arrival and can't wait for him to be a part of this family. It's just that I dread trying to get two little ones ready and pushing them around in that humongous double stroller. I foresee that it will be awhile before my only excursions include more than the weekly trips to the commissary and PX.

So, what's a girl to do? Visit every store that carries yarn this morning. That's five of 'em. My poor son must think I'm crazy. After our three hours walking around, I came home with this.

That's enough sock yarn for eight pairs of socks. Five as they are and three to dye. I didn't plan on that much, but I found all these great deals. I couldn't refuse. And wait! There's more! I just can't show it. I picked up some stuff for my SP and some yarn for yet another Clapotis that will be a gift.

Yes, I am on a sock kick. Should I mention that along with some Highland Wool that I ordered from Elann, there's also four balls of sock yarn coming too? My justification in having all this in my stash is that whenever I see a pattern that I want to do, I'll have many options to choose from and won't feel too bad about not being able to run to the LYSs on a whim.

And the nesting doesn't stop there. I went just about nuts cleaning my house this weekend. Not your normal cleaning. It was the under the bed, toothbrush scouring, Lysol fume sickening kind of cleaning. I feel better. Not that when you look around, one could tell anymore-my son quickly trashed everything again. But it's done, along with alot of other stuff I've been meaning to do around the house.

So, not too much knitting got done. I did manage to finish the Lace Top Socks. The second sock turned out much better, on account that I was able to not let my gauge grow on me. I also started another sock. It's being knitted with the green yarn I dyed and is of my own design. If it turns out nice, I'll post a picture. I am avoiding the diaper bag. All I need to do is finish sewing it together and then felt it. But I'm hating the way it looks with the overcast stitch. I know once felted, I won't be able to tell... I just can't bring myself to do it! And I think that Reilly's Winter Set is completed sans mittens. The thumb is giving me problems. After ripping it out and trying four times, I went out and bought him some fleece mitten that match close enough. Maybe I'll try again. Maybe not.

I'm tired. Everything aches. I need to some laundry, but it's going to have to wait. The rest of my day is going to include frozen pizza and ass planted on the couch. I can't wait!

Thursday, November 04, 2004

For The Love of Knitters

Thanks to those who left me suggestions dealing with the figure 8 "looseness". I'm going to try all and see what works best for me.

And look what I got yesterday:

Nifty stitch markers courtesy of Jean. We met up at the Wurzburg PX for lunch yesterday. It was a short visit, but very nice. It's always wonderful to meet other knitters and talk. Great meeting you, Jean and thanks for the gift.

This is why I love fellow knitters. It's like we all share something special and are so caring about others. In my own giving spirit, I sent a package out to Calissa today. I hope she likes it!

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Sock Crazy

So... What do you do when one hasn't adjusted for the time change yet and yesterday was a German Holiday? Well, take a look:

That's what. The first sock on top was started Sunday evening and finished at about 6am this morning. I'm using the Lace Top, Toe Up Sock courtesy of Socknitters. The one on the bottom is using my "Tropical" yarn I dyed using The Percentage-Based, Toe-Up, Garter-Stitch Short-Row Heel, Gauge-Less Socks from Stasia.

I'd never done toe-up construction before and really wanted to see if it was better or not. It rocks! Granted, I've had to frog both socks after getting about three inches up, but it's better than almost a whole sock. I also tried two different toes-the provisional cast-on and the figure eight to see the differences there. I can't decide yet. The figure eight is so much smoother, but leaves a stretched out row. I even redid it with smaller needles. The result was a tighter stitch, but still not perfect. I have two more methods that I'm going to try out. But that will have to wait until I finish these two pairs. All this experimenting is leading up to my Regia socks. I figure if I'm going to make a $20 pair of socks, I better be very happy with the results. And I don't want to be trying out all this when I do them.

Oh, and have you seen the Highland Wool at Elann??? I may just have to place my first order with them. There's other stuff from them I'd like to get, so I guess now's the time to go ahead and get it. Now I just have to figure out what colors I would like and what I'm going to do with it. Something for me, of course!

And... I just got commissioned to do a poncho for my husbands cousin, Lori. My first! Well, the first that I'm actually going to do. When I worked at AC Moore, people were always trying to get me make things for them, but I never accepted. Partly because I didn't feel comfortable enough in my skills to make something well enough to sell and because they often balked at what it would actually cost. But, I'm not going to charge her for the labor. I just don't feel right taking the money from a close relative. It's nice that she offered though, often family members expect that I do it for free and pay for the materials. Only when it's present time, baby!

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Exciting News

My husband called late last night with fabulous news! He's been authorized leave to come home for the baby!!! He'll be here about 2-3 days before the due date, so maybe the little one will decide to stay put until then. I really hope so-I would love for him to actually witness the birth and to be my coach again. I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself. We thought that we were going to have to wait until after the birth to get word to him and then he could come home. This is so much better!

Onto knitting content.

As promised here are the pictures of some completed items. Reilly is showing off his new sweater. I made it a little big so that he can wear it for the rest of the year. The neck line is a bit wide, but with a turtleneck underneath it'll be perfect.

Next is the KoolAid Pink Sophie all ready for gift giving.

This is what I did last night:

These are the "Super Mittens" from Weekend Knitting. They're going to be a gift for my mom (hope she's not reading). She keeps telling me that mittens would be an awesome gift for XMas, since she lost the last two pairs I made for her. They only took about three hours start to finish and gave me a nice break from the diaper bag. Speaking of, this is one of the most boring projects I have ever done. It's just seed stitch rectangles. Only one more to go and then I can seam it and felt.

It's been cold here this weekend and I broke out the socks I made. Oh so warm and cozy! It made me think that I'd like to make some more. So, as I was perusing Knitters Review this morning I came across this great link. It's from the Sock Design Challenge and I found several patterns that I want to do. Feeling inspired, I dove into the stash and found the six balls of sock yarn I had bought for a steal with the plans to dye.

First is what I'm calling "Tropical" using Berry Blue and Lemon Lime. I love how these turned out. Second is "Purple Throwup". As you might guess from the name, I'm not happy. They turned out almost the same as another batch from before. I used Grape and was going for a light graduated purple, but it turned out very dark. Third is "I love this Green". With this I started out with a taupe yarn and used Wilton dye. Very, very pleased with the color on this one.

But I can't wait for them to dry to start knitting so I found some Regia stretch that I forgot about. And I'm ready to cast on-again.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Weww... What a busy week! So much to share, but no pictures-I'm too lazy to break out the camera. Maybe this weekend I'll get around to it. So, anyway, here's what I've been up to-broken up into nice little categories.

Knitting Blogger Meet-Up

Drove to Bamberg on Saturday and met up with Teresa. She's a very nice lady! We watched her son's football game and knit abit together. It was a perfect fall day to sit outside and enjoy the weather. I really wished I had brought the camera. I would have liked to gotten a pic. of us together and some shots of the beautiful scenery on the drive there. Alas, I tried to take some later this week, but the trees have suddenly lost most of their leaves! There's always next fall. It was great to meet you Teresa!

Lots of Knitting Done

  1. Remember the sweater I was swatching for Reilly? Well, it took me three days to finish it! Mind you, this was only doing it a bit at a time too. Very, very quick knits make my day!
  2. After three goes through the washer, Sophie is finally felted. I'm quite happy with how it turned out and am now contemplating one for myself. Just a bit of wisdom to share: if you felt in a lingerie bag, make sure that the load before was not blue furry towels. Thank goodness for sweater shavers!
  3. The matching baby blanket and bunting bag are complete and now have found a temporary home in my "hospital" bag.
  4. The diaper bag is stalled. I underestimated in my conversion of yards to meters and ran out of yarn. I need one more skein of the brown to do the bottom. And I don't have enough of the green. So, I'm thinking that I'll pick up some taupe of the same brand to do the contrasting color instead. While I'm at it, I need some dpns to do some "Super Mittens" from Weekend Knitting. There goes my promise to myself to not go to the yarn store this week.

Baby Stuff

The baby is now in position for birth. So it's just a matter of waiting for him to decide he's ready. Had an ultrasound done today too. It was the coolest one yet! I could really see his features and lots of details. I could see his eyes moving and he even stuck out his tongue. Needless to say, I'm getting very excited about his arrival. Only three weeks (supposedly) to go!

Complete Randomness

I discovered two great food finds this week and just had to share. First, Honey Crunch apples are so delicious. Never had them before and need to go to the store and get more. Second is "Cider Roasted Chicken" from the Oct. '04 Cooking Light magazine. You must try this! Not sure if you can get it from their site, they make you use passwords, but if it's still on the newstand-go get it. Basically it's a roaster brined overnight with cider and salt and the result is pure heaven. The past four months or so, I've been turned off by the smell of chicken cooking, but had to try this recipe. Plus I wanted leftovers for soup.

Well, I guess that's the bulk of it. I promise to get some pictures soon. I also wanted to give warning that if I haven't posted in a week, I've probably had the baby. And then there will be cute pictures!

Friday, October 22, 2004

LYS Friday!

Here's the bunting bag, almost finished. All I need to do now is sew on the buttons. Ick. I hate sewing.

So, how do you know when you have a yarn buying problem? Well, when you've only lived somewhere for six months and all the LYS employees know you. Granted, it's nice now that they all know that I'm slowly learning German and are quite helpful with helping me along. They also know that I usually don't need help in finding my yarn and let me browse without hovering.

Here's what I got:

Three skeins of the chocolate brown wool for my diaper bag. The green comes from my stash.

Six skeins of Rodels Nepal for a sweater for Reilly. I've had my eye on this yarn for awhile and have been waiting for something to do with it. In fact I'm liking it so much, I might have to go back and get the purple variegated for myself. I know it's hard to see the colors, but they're grey/brown and greenish.

And four skeins of this purple/charcoal grey yarn for a scarf for the babysitter.

Needless to say, I had a good time. Reilly on the other hand was not thrilled at all. Thankfully the ladies at the yarn stores like him and his antics. Including his desire to grab the balls of yarn and throw them! I'm just embarrassed. I'll be glad when Royd is home and I can go shopping while he watches the kids.

I'm suppose to meet up with Teresa tomorrow in Bamberg, but haven't heard back from her yet! I know she's been having issues with her internet connections, so I may not get to. Oh, well. There's always another time. On Sunday, my neighbor and I are going to drive down to Kitizigen to holiday shop at the Bazaar there. I really need to finish the Xmas shopping and am hoping that this one will have some good stuff. So I went to the ATM and withdrew a buttload of cash, so I don't have to hassle with checks. I'll be glad when all the holiday and birthday(6 of 'em) shopping is done.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

First let me show a picture of my awesome new ball winder in action!

Next, is what I've been working on since yesterday afternoon. Needless to say, not much else has gotten done in my house.

This is going to be a baby bunting bag from The Yarn Girls Guide to Kids Knits. I was at the bookstore yesterday and happened to find this book. I had been looking for a pattern for this and immediately snatched it up. Once I got home, I sat down and looked at the rest of the patterns. I am so glad I bought it! It was exactly what I needed-quick, simple and fun knits for the kids. Alot of the other pattern books I have are too fussy or done in a gauge that I know will take forever to complete. BTW, I'm doing it in the extra yarn from the baby blanket(which just needs sewing up).

I've found at least 4 patterns that I really want to do NOW. I did a little stash diving and couldn't find any yarn that seems quite right. I guess a trip to the yarn stores is in order? I have to go anyway, I need some yarn to do the diaper bag. I did notice as I was rummaging through the stash that I have way too much yarn. And not yarn that I'll ever use either. I packed up one box to donate and will go back through to find some more. I figure that it'll make me feel good to pass it onto someone who can use it, and it'll clear the way for new yarn. Plus, Royd will be visiting in a month or two, and I'd hate for him to see how bad my habit has become. I mean, I can't even hide it anywhere! Seven huge plastic totes are kinda hard to hide in a three bedroom apartment.

Well, I'm off... I want to finish this project before Friday-yarn store day.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Check It Out!

Knitting Goddess
You appear to be a Knitting Goddess.
You are constantly giving and are unconcerned with
reward, you simply want others to love knitting
as much as you do. If someone wants to knit
miles of novelty yarns, you are there for them.
If someone wants to learn short row shaping,
you can help. There are no taboos in knitting,
only opportunities to grow. Everyone should
have friend like you around if they want to
learn to knit, and there's a good chance that
your passion has rubbed off on a few others.

What Kind of Knitter Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ha Ha! I don't think of myself as a goddess, of any sort. I guess I just checked all the right answers. I'd like to think of myself as an intermediate knitter, having only been doing it for 2+ years. There's so much more that I'd like to learn, but hey, I can brag.

Slow is the word for the past few days. I've been jumping back and forth between projects and not really making progress on any of them. Well, three are almost done, I just need to crack down and finish them.

I'm trying my hand at designing my own sweater too. I have some beautiful thick and thin yarn that is screaming at me to knit with. After searching for the right pattern for three days, I've come to the conclusion, that it doesn't exist or is hiding from me. In actuality, it's a very simple pattern- a raglan with a cowl neck. The problem is in the detailing and gauge. So, I'm swatching and doing math like crazy. This is my first attempt at such a major project that I feel I may end up discarding it. Hopefully I won't, but don't be surprised if you never hear about it again.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

My SP Rocks!!!

I was really hoping that the package waiting for me at the PO was documents concerning my car purchase. Delightfully, it wasn't! Instead my SP surprised me with a ball winder!!! I'd love to show a picture, but I'm waiting for the batteries in the digital to charge and couldn't wait to post. Thank you, SP, you're awesome.

So what do you do when you're bored with all of your current projects? Why, you start a few more! Yes, I am crazy. I casted on for the Dazzle Ribbed Sweater using the Gedifra Dandy I purchased awhile back. I'm still not sold on the colors of this yarn. Don't get me wrong, they're beautiful, but I'm not sure if it's me. I've gotten into the second ball and am letting it sit there for me to mull over for a few more days. Then, I went stash diving and found some cranberry and mossy green yarn to make a hat, mitten and scarf set for Reilly. It's getting a bit chilly, and he'll need them soon.

I have made progress on other stuff too. Clapotis II is awaiting finishing and blocking. Sophie is waiting for me to dye some more yarn to finish the handles. Wouldn't you know it, I ran out again. Baby blanket is seeing the finish line, if I ever sit down and knit the last two squares.

Now, I have to find a pattern for a scarf that suits the 17 yo babysitter. I had a hard enough time figuring out what colors she likes since all she ever wears is black. Yeah, I could have done black, but the poor girl needs some color in her life! And I've thought of two more Xmas presents that I'd like to do. One I'm going to put in my hospital bag to work on after I deliver and waiting for them to let me go home. I remember that with Reilly, I was incredibly bored. I know some people try to nap, but I couldn't ever get comfortable enough. The other, I'm in search of yarn to do it.

Speaking of baby, I had an OB checkup on Tuesday. I've already started to drop and "soften". Next week I get to start the weekly trek to the Wurzburg hospital to see the real OB. I just hope that when I do go into labor, they don't tell me that they're full and I'll have to go to the local Krankenhaus(sp?). As wonderful I hear German doctors and nurses are, I really don't want to spent 7 whole days trapped with them. Yes, that's not a typo, 7 days. I mean, unless you have complications, why do you need to be there that long?

Sunday, October 10, 2004

Another FO

Yup, that's right, the Harlot Poncho is at 100%! Talk about a quick knit! It only took three evening and a half afternoon. Unfortanetly I won't be wearing it anytime soon. I wanted to wear it through the rest of the pregnancy, but it turned out to be a little too body hugging for my taste. But, once the belly is back to "normal", it will be fabulous.

I dyed some more yarn today too. Once I start knitting it I'll post a picture of it. I'm very happy with how it turned out- a salmon pink with blotches of lighter pink. The blotches weren't intentional, I didn't stir well enough, but I think it's going to look cool.

My SP emailed me to say I should be on the lookout. Yay! I can't wait to see what she(I think) sent me this time. I love getting stuff in the mail, even when I know what it's going to be.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Clapotis Finished

Yeah! Isn't she beautiful? And look, another one already on the needles!!! I was looking for a variegated pink yarn, but couldn't find one that I felt suited the recipient, so a solid pink will have to do. I can't say who it is, it's a surprise.

A Very Harlot Poncho won out. I'm using TLC's Amore and I'm loving it. I'd show you a picture, but there's not much to see, except a burgundy blob. So far I've gotten about 8 inches done.

The baby blanket is showing progress too. Only 4 more squares (I think) and then I can put it all together. Still not sure about the sizing, I don't want it too big, but not too small. I guess that I can always add onto it, being that I ordered enough of the yarn to do a full size blanket. Or, I'm thinking that I could make a sweater and hat to go with it. Seriously, I need to stop thinking about more projects!

And yes, there's more knitting news! I started the Felted Diaper Bag. I was going to use my lonely skein of Noro for the large pocket, a green for the sides and handle, and dye some purple for the body. But, I'm not sure if I'm liking the combo all that much. Now, I have an idea to go ahead and order two more skeins of the Noro to do the other pockets and some coordinating blue for the body. I would just dye the blue, but koolaid isn't making a nice enough color for me. I'm going to have to think about this project some more.

So, what am I going to do with all that wool I do have? Well, I'm thinking of some Sophie bags for XMas. Ugh! Will I ever stop? Probably not, even though I need to.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Stalled Progress

Clapotis should have been finished last night. What happened? Well, I did one too many repeats and ran out of yarn! I only need to do three repeats on the decrease rows to be done. Yeah, I could tink out the rows, but that's too much work. So, I'll have to go back to the yarn store and get more. Do I have ulterior motives? YES! I've decided to do another Clapotis for someone else. This time I'll pick a yarn that works up at a larger gauge though, so it'll take less time.

In the meantime, I'm trying to figure out what poncho to do. I'm torn between Loretta Lynn, FCEK's Turtleneck poncho or Yarn Harlot's. The problem is that I don't know if I want a turtleneck or not. Decisions, decisions...

Actually, not alot of knitting has been going on. The other night I woke up with severe cramping on my right side. After I got comfortable again, I was able to fall back asleep. But the next day my back hurt, it even hurt to breath. Figuring I might have pulled something, I took it easy. Yesterday, I felt better, but my left side was now bothering me. Today I feel like nothing ever happened. It's strange what being pregnant can do to you.

Now, I have this sinking feeling that the baby is coming sooner rather than later. I have this panicked feeling to get things done in preparation. So, I went to the Commissary and bought tons of diapers and baby supplies. Included in the trip was enough dry and canned food to last several months. My reasoning is that if the baby comes early, there will be enough food, so that no one has to go to the store for me, except for cold stuff. With Royd not being here, I'm getting panicked. I also worry that FIL won't be here when I go into labor. I can just see it now: me running up and down the stairwell, ringing doorbells at three in the morning. Actually, it kinda makes me laugh a little.

I guess I'm a little obsessed right now. I even picked up extra stuff for my next SP package, just in case. I just hope that this feeling subsides a bit, so I can concentrate on other things.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

My Brain Isn't Working

I have a few updates to make.

First, the "soap" my SP sent me, isn't that, but solid body cream. Duh, don't I feel silly. But, it's even better since my hands are always dry. Thanks again SP!

Second, I totally forgot to post about the wonderful gift Calissa gave me. She surprised me with a Layette set for the baby. There's a hat, washcloth, bib and two undershirts. It was so completely unexpected and thoughtful! Thank you again!

Reilly was running a fever after waking up from his early nap yesterday until after todays, so we never made it to the playground. He's feeling fine now, but I'm glad I kept him inside to rest. Was shame however, since it was gorgeous out all weekend. Hopefully it will stay this way for a few more days.

Well, lots of knitting going on this weekend. Managed to crank out 3 1/2 squares of the baby blanket. Haven't yet decided exactly how big it will be, will have to see as I get more done on it. Here's a picture of the colors. Aren't they great?

Clapotis is coming along nicely. I can't wait to finish it. I'm liking the pattern so much that I may even make a few for presents. I wasn't suppose to add anybody else to my XMas list, but I may just have to. Well, let me finish some other projects up first, and then I'll see what I have time for. I know my mom would love one, she so subtly hinted at it and all.

I found this at the thrift store last week for 1.50. I spent the better part of this morning ripping it out. So far, I've only managed to get one sleeve completely out. The wool itself is okay. It is not twisted, which is nice, but keeps breaking apart. Also, I don't know how it ever stayed together, the ends aren't weaved in. But it'll be perfect for felting.

The past few weeks I've managed to get my hands on a bunch of wool for felting and dyeing. Now, I just can't decide what to make. I was going to do a Booga Bag and still want to. Alas, I found another bag pattern I'd like to do. It's a diaper bag from "Knitting for Baby" and is too cool. Hmm... Maybe both? The diaper bag is larger and has pockets. Would definetly be more practical, considering the situation. Well, I've got alittle time to figure it out, but not much!

Talk about bad timing! I just found out that the Elementary school will be having a PTA Craft Show. It's Nov. 14th. Just a few days before baby boy is expected. Plus, I don't have enough time to get anything done for it. I would love to do something like this. I have a few basic bag and scarf patterns that I've come up with that have been waiting for they're chance to be put to use. When I worked at AC Moore I would just make up my own to showcase the yarn that we sold, since they didn't carry many that suited me. Do I have any made up? No. Just a few baby things that were never given away. Oh well, I guess there's always next year. I'm going to call the lady in charge anyway and find out about rental charges and plans for next year.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Cheap SEX

Isn't that a catchy title?

I finally got to meet Calissa yesterday. I had a great time and was very happy to meet someone new. I'd been visiting my MIL in Idar-Oberstein, and Calissa lives only 15 minutes from there. So, we went yarn shopping! Yeah!

Here's what I got myself. Two pairs of Addis that were only about US$8, a metric needle check, and 15 balls of Gedifra Flamme(on sale). I also picked up some goodies for my SP, but I can't show that. I will tell you that it's beautiful stuff.

It was so nice to finally meet someone with common interests. We had tons in common--it was almost scary! I have a hard time meeting people that I have things to talk about with, other than children. So, meeting her was very refreshing. It's a pity that we live so far from each other though, about a 3-4 hour drive. I really wish we'd had more time to hang out. She was a really cool person. If you want a complete detail on what we did, go check out her blog. She saved me the trouble of writing it all down! Thanks Calissa!

I also picked this up while there (thank you Karen). I've got two skeins of the grey wool to dye and felt, five of the red for a sweater for Reilly and enough of the blue and lime green for the baby. Karstadt was having a great sale and everything was less that US$2 each. Awesome!

All in all, Idar was great. I had a nice time visiting with my MIL--she's a really nice lady that I enjoy spending time with. The town was absolutely charming. Too bad I didn't bring my digital to show some pictures. I did get some on my regular camera and hope to get that developed soon. The town that I live in was destroyed in the war, so there aren't a lot of really old building to look at. So it was nice to be in a city that had that old world charm.

Finally, I got a letter from Royd today. He had written it for our anniversary and I loved it. It's funny, he has a hard time expressing what he feels in person, but can write the most beautiful things down on paper. I was in tears (sad and happy) as I read it. I needed it, especially after watching the news last night about all the fighting that's going on right now. Thanks hon, I love you--it was the best present you could have given me.

After having my mom last week and visiting others this week, it's nice to be alone with Reilly again. We needed a little quiet time to ourselves, especially him. As much as I love seeing people, it's always nice to have your own space too. I have planned this weekend to be spent on the couch and at the playground, with lots of knitting going on!

Monday, September 27, 2004

I'm Alive

Busy, busy week. Lots to talk about.

But first look what I got in the mail! Goodies from my SP! Thank you, thank you! I so badly wanted this pattern. I've already started looking for the perfect yarn for it. Also included were stitch markers (I have a fairy that steal mine), some wonderful soap, and a little purse for change. How did you know, SP? I've been looking for one to keep my American and Euro coins seperate. Perfect! Oh, this is soooo much fun!

Next, I joined the Clapotis Along this morning. I had already started mine a few days ago and figured I might as well join too. Everyone's that I've seen so far are beautiful. I couldn't wait to start so I didn't order the Lorna Laces suggested. Instead I went to the LYS and found this beautiful Micro Color from Schachenmayr. It's very soft with a beautiful drape. Also, I am making it only about 12 inches wide but will lengthen it a little bit. Can't wait to wear this one!

So, my mom's been here all week. She's been keeping me on the go, seeing things and shopping. She has friends that live here so we went to visit them in the cities they live in. One day was in Bamberg and one was in Wurzburg. Of course I checked out the yarn stores there! Didn't buy anything. Oh, wait, I lie. I found some sock yarn on clearance at a Muller's for one Euro each. So, I bought enough to make three to four pairs of socks. Yipee! Bonus, it was stretch.

You know, we've done so much, I can't even really say what it was. Ever get like that?

Anyway, she also brought me goodies from the US--knitting magazines and 2 skeins of Fishermans Wool. Now I can make my booga bag. Well, next week, that is. I'll be in Idar at the end of the week and this weekend will be spent sleeping on the couch. That is because I am wore out! I forgot how tired you get at almost 8 months. Everything starts to hurt after an hour on your feet!

Well, as much as I wanted to write, I think I need a nap. Next post might be this weekend, unless something happens tomorrow.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Snowflake Sweater

Here's Reilly modeling his newly completed sweater. I got this off of Rebecca Magazines' website and it's been sitting in my UFO pile since April. All I had to do was seam and weave. This was my first attempt at insartia and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. Finally I was inspired to finish it Tuesday night.

Sadly, that's the last time I've picked up my knitting. I'm getting over a cold and although I'm feeling much better, my mood has been yucky. I haven't felt like doing anything, yet I am sooooo bored. On top of that, I have a million things to do! Mom will be here on Tuesday and I really need to get the house in order. I mean, it's a complete mess! Embarrassingly so. Hopefully, I'll be out of my funk by tomorrow and can get some stuff done. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I hate housework and will skate by with the minimal amount required. That's probably why I can get so much knitting done!

I have added two more projects to my want list. First, I want to do the Booga Bag. I've had a skein of Kureyon waiting for it's home and this will be it. Although I need more yarn to do it, I've thought that I would do it in mostly either purple or green with the Kureyon in the center part. That way it wouldn't be too bright and flashy. Second, I have to have Clapotis from Knitty. I swore I wouldn't make myself any more scarves, but it's just too cool. Next week when Mom's here I'll go on a search for the yarn to do it.

Really I don't need anymore projects right now. I need to finish what I have started. I also am waiting for the yarn I ordered and those projects need to be done first. I think I need a knitting machine to help me along! Although I kinda consider that cheating, think of all that could be accomplished.

Off to heat up pizza and chicken strips for dinner. Yeah, that's how bad my funky mood is, I don't even feel like cooking.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Almost Finished

Progress has been made. Cabaret is almost done! All I need to do is weave in the million ends and tighten up the neckline. Broadripple is half done. And look, they almost match! It seems that all I currently want to do is red.

I'm not sure if I'm happy with Cabaret or not. It's hard to tell if it fits or not, due to my large belly. But, I think I made it too big. And I should have incorporated some shaping as well. The problem I see is that it fits around my bust, but is too big elsewhere. Lol. Always the problem--all too often patterns that accomodate a large bust, think that we're large elsewhere.

But all is not lost. With each sweater that I knit myself, I'm learning more about design and shaping. I just need to start applying these lessons into future projects so that they actually fit and flatter me.

Had another OB appointment today. And let me tell you, I hope that the baby is not this feisty when he is born. He kept kicking the doctor while she was examining me. It took her 10 minutes to get a heartrate count because he kept kicking at the probe! He did this last time too and I thought maybe it was just a bad day for him. Well, I guess not, he just doesn't like being messed with. Had both the nurse and the doctor laughing hysterically.

Well, the countdown is on. Two months to go and I'm getting pretty excited. At the same time, a little worried. I wonder how Reilly will react to him. I just wish Royd was going to be here. The two weeks that they'll let him come home, just won't be enough.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

Did I Miss Something?

Oh, you know, like a whole week!?! It really feels like it was just last Saturday. They say time flies when you're having fun, but that's only a half truth. I think part of my week was spent shopping and exploring the town and the other part was fighting with a toddler that doesn't want to take naps anymore.

I was on a quest to find my SP some specific goodies. That took me to a local supermarket and there went alot of money. They had two aisles devoted to chocolate and candy. I am still drooling. Well, I got her some stuff. We won't talk about what I bought for myself. So glutonous.

Here is my pitiful progress on Broadripple. I love them, but they're just not at the top of my list right now. I've been working on Cabaret and Cropped Sweater. Cabaret is now about 60% done. I've started the sleeves and that's going pretty quickly. I hope to have it done completely by the end of the weekend. Cropped Sweater is nearly done. I forced myself to sit down and seam the blasted thing. Now, I just have to do the turtleneck collar. Can't say when that will be picked up again. Let me just put it this way, I don't like twisted ribbing in the round-it requires purling through the back loop. Not hard, just tedious.

I don't have any other knitting pictures to show, so here's one of Reilly sleeping on the couch yesterday. He's got a bit of a cold, but wouldn't fall asleep in his room. So, I brought him out to the living room and he fell fast asleep. I know it's horrible to even say, but kids can be so sweet and loving when they're sick.

And here's something completely random: baby spit-up stains. Yes, I knew that already, but something weird happened... I was always good about washing all of Reilly's stuff before I stored it. Before we moved, I even went through all of it to see if anything needed to be thrown out and all looked great. Much to my surprise when I started sorting through it this week that stains have shown up! I have no idea what happened! I'm going to try washing everything and see if that helps. But if not, almost everything will have to be replaced. I will not be happy about that. Well, speaking of, I just got back from the PX and spent a boatload on stuff for the little one. Now, I have to put it away. Lol... I need a bigger house...

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Cabaret Raglan

So, here is my latest endeavor. It's Cabaret Raglan from Interweave Summer '04. Last night I was playing around with various yarns for different patterns. After I saw how beautiful this yarn (Luzerne from Rodel) worked up, I knew I had a winner. Although the pattern calls for a lightweight cotton tape, I wanted something a bit heavier for the winter. Well, before I knew it, I had casted on and was going full speed. I've had to adjust the hem to prevent curling, but I'm pleased with how it looks.

This is how the yarn looks worked up. This is the stuff I picked up a few weeks ago. Although it is 60% acrylic and 40% wool, it is an absolute pleasure to work with. The yarn itself mimics lopi in it's spin and feel. I just love the subtle variations in the red. I think that I'll do the front first this time, just to see how the detailing works out. My only concern is that it will appear too bulky. That way, if it looks bad I'll just frog it and do something else.

I was looking at my latest issue of Knitters and actually found some potentials. There are two that I really like. One would require adjustments so that it would fit. So, I probably won't get around to that, but the other is a definite maybe. Now I'm glad I subscribed-usually most of their patterns are just not me at all.

Oh, there's so many patterns I want to do! And not enough time. I know that my days of mindless knitting are numbered. Babies do that.

Monday, September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day

I can't believe we're at this point in the year already. Three quarters of the year is gone and fall is almost here. Goody, fall is my favorite season. And I actually get to experience seasons again. Living in Ga. for the past three years really made me miss seasons. I get to wear all of my sweaters!

Speaking of sweaters, I am almost finished with mine. Just a few more inches to bind off the sleeves and then I can contemplate seaming it. Seaming always tends to drag out completion. I've already started looking for patterns for the red yarn I bought a few weeks ago and think I found one. I haven't ever done a sweater with cables and I think that might be nice to do. So, I'm looking at one I found in FCEK from last year.

Started the Broadripple Socks with some of the yarn I dyed. So far they look pretty nice. The pattern is so easy, but beautiful. I've dubbed them my current PGP (playground project). When we go, I have to have something that I don't have to concentrate on, so that I can watch Reilly.

This weekend was quite boring. I'm trying to save some money for moms' visit, so we didn't go out too much. So, I spent the weekend fooling around in the kitchen. I haven't baked alot since Royd left, just haven't felt the urge. I made a cake and banana bread. Yummy. And since nobody we knew was cooking out, I did BBQ Pork Sandwiches. Double yum! I did get a trip to the LYS for my secret pal in. Found some beautiful stuff I think she'll really like. And I was a very good girl, I didn't get anything for myself.

Well, it's off the clean and bathe the boy. Such fun!

Friday, September 03, 2004

Secret Pals

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer high-end/natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? Or is it all the same to you?
I wish. However, the budget usually ends up winning. I try to buy the best quality I can afford, but when it comes to the kids stuff, i'll use acrylic.
2. Do you spin? Crochet?
I can crochet, but never got into it.
3. Do you have any allergies? (smoke, pets, fibers, perfume, etc.)
No, but strong perfumes drive me crazy
4. How long have you been knitting?
about 2 years
5. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list?
No, but I do have a fantasy wish list in the sidebar
6. What's your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.)
citrus scents
7. Do you have a sweet tooth?
8. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do?
none, but am experimenting with sewing and embroidery
9. What kind of music do you like? Can your computer/stereo play MP3s? (if you want to make her a CD)
Mostly country, but will listen to pretty much anything
10. What's your favorite color? Or--do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer?
fall colors,(reds, browns, greens) black and the occasional pastels
11. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets?
married, little boy, expecting another, two kitties
12. What are your life dreams? (really stretching it here, I know)
Win the lottery and buy a small homestead (with sheep, of course)
13. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with?
ELs' Silky Wool, pretty much anything soft
14. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
furry novelties, super harsh wool
15. What is/are your current knitting obsession/s?
16. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit?
small quick projects
17. What are you knitting right now?
two sweaters, socks, presents
18. What do you think about ponchos? (this is really a curiousity question for us)
going to make one, primarily for ease of breastfeeding
19. Do you prefer straight or circular needles?
circular, except for socks
20. How did you learn to knit?
out of a leisure arts book
21. How old is your oldest UFO?
Hmmm.... I think it's a blanket that needs to be frogged from over a year ago

The baby sweater is done!!! I used a darker colored yarn to do the trim. As I was looking at it, it was just screaming for something else. I'm pretty happy with the outcome. Can't wait to put a squirming baby in it, although it looks a bit large for a newborn.

Went to the local Fall Bazaar this morning. Sadly I left emptyhanded. I was expecting good deals, but everything I liked was over two hundred dollars. And I didn't feel like paying twenty for a tiny piece of parmigiano reggiano. I think that they jack up the prices for these things, thinking that we don't know any better and to cover exchange rates. Plus, I thought that artisans were to be the feature, but mostly it was representatives from larger stores and companies. Heck, they even had reps from cell phone companies! Oh, well, no big loss.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

My Lovies

Here's my knitting fan club- Ling Ling and Cozette. They just love it when mommy forgets to put a ball of yarn away. I don't even know how many times I've awaken to yarn all over the house. But, they're my babies and I love them no matter what they do to my yarn.

So, I decided to be a "good Army wife" tonight. I went to the FRG meeting. Ugh. What a waste of my time. Next time I think I will clean the grout in my bathroom with my tongue first. Seriously I think it will be a better time! First, they used to arrange activites for the kids, but not this time. So, all the children (including mine) were whining and carrying on. Second, we started 40 minutes late and the whole presentation only lasted 15! Third, no new information was given. I can get better and more accurate info from the Army websites. They're so scared to tell us anything. As soon it was over, I ran out the door, swearing to never go back. Now, I'm not bashing all FRG's, just mine. I've heard from other woman, that theirs are great. I may just go to theirs instead. It's not me either though, because out of about 1000 spouses, only 30-40 were there. And half of them had their husbands with them! Okay, rant over.

About finished with the baby kimono sweater. Just have to do the sleeves and seam it up. Maybe tomorrow I'll get it done and show it off.

Waiting for my stuff from Herrshners to get here. They said it shipped Monday, so we'll see how long it takes this time. The first two orders I placed were here within a week, but the last one took about 3 weeks. Not their fault, the PO's. Speaking of the PO. I got a newsletter today that was dated it mailed Aug. 12th. It was mailed from the same PO! Talk about inefficiency--over two weeks to place it from the inbox to my box. Anyways, I order some TLC Amore to do my poncho, Caron Simply Soft Brites for a baby blanket and some Kroy sock yarn that was on clearance. Do I have a problem? Why, yes! I buy more yarn than I can possibly ever use.

I did find out the name of my Secret Pal on Monday. Checked out her blog and I don't know what to get her! I have ideas, but am not sure. I never got the newsletter since I signed up after it was sent out. Wondering if we're going to do something along the lines of what SP2 did with the questionaire. I guess I'll just email her some questions to try to narrow down what she's like.

Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Klaralund Envy

I got my new Ram Wools catalog today. Oh, am I drooling! I have to stop. Must stop. I found four or five sweaters I have to have. Now, I see what the buzz about Klaralund is all about. I hadn't bothered to check it out before now. But now... I must do this. It's so beautiful. A bit out of my price range right now. But, I'm thinking that if I could get my hands on some other yarn that is more affordable, it might just happen. Well, we'll see.

Finally I got a half way decent picture of the yarn I dyed. Yipee!

First picture is what I am making the baby. It's from IK Summer '03. I was going to use the blue yarn I dyed, but not anymore. The gauge was way off and at first I thought that I would just adjust, but after I swatched I changed my mind. The fabric was way too bulky. So, I ransacked my stash and found some Caron Simply Soft that will work just fine. And on the plus side, it'll be machine washable! Hey, I got to do something with all this acrylic I bought when I first started out and the kids stuff is perfect. Plus, I can always appreciate the value of it and if it gets ruined by spit-up, I won't cry.

The second picture is of my sock. Ehh...

Okay, back to the knitting. Blogging is already cutting into it.

Monday, August 30, 2004

Better Moods

Sorry about yesterday's rant. Sometimes you just got to get it off your chest and I felt much better after writing it all down. Then a friend sent me this and I got a good laugh. So, I'm good now.

Almost finished with one sock. Just have to finish the toe. I had to adjust the decreases since my gauge was off, so it's taking a little manipulation. BTW, gauge drives me nuts. It never seems to fail that once I actually start my project my gauge ends up being off. Usually I adjust for this with larger projects by going a needle size down automatically. But I've never had it happen with something so small. Oh, well. They fit, but they're baggy. I guess they'll make great weekend house socks.

I swatched some of the sock yarn I dyed and I'm so pleased. Very pretty colors and soft. But I'm swearing to myself that I will not start them until the other pair is done. I was looking at my list of everything I need to finish and it's a bit much. Most of it just needs seaming or ends weaved in. I just hate doing these things, so there they sit!

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Obsession and Frustration

Ever have one of those day? Ya know, where everything seems like crap?

Started mine out on the wrong side. Woke up from a dream that bad things had happened to both Royd and the baby. Telling myself it was just a dream, I went back to bed, but that bad feeling never left. Then before I can even turn on the coffee maker Reilly is screaming at me saying he wants cookies. Ha! I don't think so little one. Nice try. (tantrum)

Being it Sunday and everything being closed, I thought we'd go to the playground. Nooo... It's wet and dreary and the sand is saturated with water. Nice drainage system. So, back to the house to watch some movies and a little knitting. Darn DVD isn't working-keeps eating the discs into the back. Sorry Reilly, but you'll have to watch whatever crappy cartoons are on crappy AFN. (tantrum) On the plus, I did get half of one sock done. Too bad my gauge didn't hold and they're a tad big, but that's okay. I'm not really impressed with the pattern anymore and who's to see them anyway.

Can we just say, I'm obsessed with the dyeing. I read Lizzi's update on my Koolaid and she gave me a great idea. Mix the Grape in! I overdyed all my blue skeins with another packet of Berry Blue with the Grape and they look great! A lovely blue with a touch of purple. Not what I was looking for, but I'm in love anyway. (happy dance) I'd love to show a picture, but the wonderful digital can only make out teal or dark blue. I'm not going to bother until I can get a close approximation of the color. It's too pretty to disgrace it. (my tantrum) Baby boy will be getting a Kimono top out of it after it dries. Finally I feel inspired to knit for the baby again. I had so many great ideas if he was going to be a girl, but hadn't really been feeling the boy theme.

Anyway, mom is looking to find me some wool that I don't have to order online. She has a friend who spins, so maybe she'll know of a good yarn source. I have tons of ideas on things to dye!

But there is good news. Calissa, I will be in Idar-Oberstein the last week of September. My MIL has a jewelry show to do and I'm going to stay with her for a few days. Now we can meet and raid those yarn shops together! That will be a crazy week. DM is flying in for a week and after I drop her off at Frankfort I'll be driving over to Idar.

Well, I must sign off. Reilly has found my new sets of Inox dpns and is throwing them around. (urge to throttle) Ah... The joys of having a toddler. And another on the way? I must be losing it...

Saturday, August 28, 2004

Too Kool

Spent the morning playing around with some more dyeing. Here's some pictures of what I did.

Sock Yarns Posted by Hello

The two skeins on the left (yes there are two there) were done with the boiling method with white yarn. I used two packets each of Black Cherry, Cherry and Grape. I added only a third of skein at a time every ten minutes to produce a gradation effect. Pretty cool. The two skeins on the right I used the dip and microwave method. I used Cherry and Watermelon Cherry on top of a beige yarn. Not too impressed with this two. I can still see the beige peeking through. Will probably overdye these with more Cherry once they dry. Was going to do green with one of the socks, but forgot to pick up Lemonade to mix with the Berry Blue and just couldn't wait. I'll go back to the store next week and pick up some more yarn. It's only about 3dollars a ball, so it's not too bad. Besides with the way I'm going with socks, I'll need more soon anyways.

Second Attempt at Blue Posted by Hello

The one on the left is from yesterday. For the right I tried tea dyeing the yarn first to produce a darker base yarn. Then I did exactly the same with as the other. The result is a deeper teal color. Still not happy. I wonder what would happen if I use food coloring on top of it. Hmm. Overall, this has been a great experience. I'm having so much fun with it! I'd actually like to try my hand at some real dyes, but I think I'll put that off for now. I hear some of the dyes are quite toxic, so it'll have to wait until after the baby is born. Plus, they're ripping my balcony off and redoing it so I can't do this stuff until it's done anyway.