Thursday, October 28, 2004

Weww... What a busy week! So much to share, but no pictures-I'm too lazy to break out the camera. Maybe this weekend I'll get around to it. So, anyway, here's what I've been up to-broken up into nice little categories.

Knitting Blogger Meet-Up

Drove to Bamberg on Saturday and met up with Teresa. She's a very nice lady! We watched her son's football game and knit abit together. It was a perfect fall day to sit outside and enjoy the weather. I really wished I had brought the camera. I would have liked to gotten a pic. of us together and some shots of the beautiful scenery on the drive there. Alas, I tried to take some later this week, but the trees have suddenly lost most of their leaves! There's always next fall. It was great to meet you Teresa!

Lots of Knitting Done

  1. Remember the sweater I was swatching for Reilly? Well, it took me three days to finish it! Mind you, this was only doing it a bit at a time too. Very, very quick knits make my day!
  2. After three goes through the washer, Sophie is finally felted. I'm quite happy with how it turned out and am now contemplating one for myself. Just a bit of wisdom to share: if you felt in a lingerie bag, make sure that the load before was not blue furry towels. Thank goodness for sweater shavers!
  3. The matching baby blanket and bunting bag are complete and now have found a temporary home in my "hospital" bag.
  4. The diaper bag is stalled. I underestimated in my conversion of yards to meters and ran out of yarn. I need one more skein of the brown to do the bottom. And I don't have enough of the green. So, I'm thinking that I'll pick up some taupe of the same brand to do the contrasting color instead. While I'm at it, I need some dpns to do some "Super Mittens" from Weekend Knitting. There goes my promise to myself to not go to the yarn store this week.

Baby Stuff

The baby is now in position for birth. So it's just a matter of waiting for him to decide he's ready. Had an ultrasound done today too. It was the coolest one yet! I could really see his features and lots of details. I could see his eyes moving and he even stuck out his tongue. Needless to say, I'm getting very excited about his arrival. Only three weeks (supposedly) to go!

Complete Randomness

I discovered two great food finds this week and just had to share. First, Honey Crunch apples are so delicious. Never had them before and need to go to the store and get more. Second is "Cider Roasted Chicken" from the Oct. '04 Cooking Light magazine. You must try this! Not sure if you can get it from their site, they make you use passwords, but if it's still on the newstand-go get it. Basically it's a roaster brined overnight with cider and salt and the result is pure heaven. The past four months or so, I've been turned off by the smell of chicken cooking, but had to try this recipe. Plus I wanted leftovers for soup.

Well, I guess that's the bulk of it. I promise to get some pictures soon. I also wanted to give warning that if I haven't posted in a week, I've probably had the baby. And then there will be cute pictures!