Friday, September 30, 2005

Can You Smell It?

You know that smell... It's crisp and fresh and oh so invigorating. I mean Fall. I LOVE this time of year. The weather is beautiful, the colors are beautiful and the food is super yummy. Oh, yeah, the food! The urge to bake has hit me hard. This week it's been biscotti and apple-pear pie. Later today it will be cheddar buttermilk bread to round out a nice hearty roast. Okay, okay, I really love food.

But cooler weather has also prompted another desire: the need to finish some sweaters. First, I really need to finish the Basketweave Pullover, but I'm not wearing it so it can wait. Right? Second, my (un) Drop-Stitch Cardigan from this issue of IK. I spent two days blocking the thing and then another two days finding some quiet time to do the seaming. So how's it look?

Like crap.

Can we say too big? And no, my gauge (for once) isn't the problem. The yarn and the size I made is. I substituted a silk blend for the wool called for. I knew from my swatch that the drape would be, well, more drapey. I just didn't realize how much. And I think I'm making the wrong size for my taste. This has been the problem with everyother sweater I have made myself.

Okay, my chest measures 43". So, you would think to make the 45"-47" size for a comfortable sweater. The problem that I'm realizing is that my waist is not proportionate to my chest. Which results in this:

A big saggy mess that makes me look 20 pounds heavier than I am. I don't need this! Heck, I'm trying(hoping) to look 20 less!

So, now what to do? I could rip the whole thing out and knit the smaller size and then put some short rows into the bust. *remember to go research this, Erica* But, this doesn't help with the drape. I guess it'll go back into the Pile for awhile until I figure something out.

Oh the brighter side of things, XMas knitting is on:

I can't say I really like this yarn, but the recipient likes funky stuff so it'll be perfect. These were originally bought as a possible yarn for my sock pal, but wasn't used. Speaking of that, Neysa reports that she got her socks in the mail, but hasn't looked at them yet. She promised herself that she'd finish her pals first. I haven't heard anything from my gifter yet, but since I know the mail can be pretty unreliable here, I'll give it another week before I worry.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Call It a Bust

Well, our weekend of fun didn't quite happen. All last week the boys and I were sick and I thought we were over it. Not quite. Reilly spent all of Friday and Saturday layed out on the couch I developed a horrible cough. Just walking the length of our apartment sent me into a horrible fit that would last about five minutes. We were disappointed but there's always this weekend. Thankfully we all feel completely better now.

I spent alot of time knitting, obviously. Samus' body and one sleeve are finished. I haven't casted on for the other sleeve yet though. Instead I'm working on a pair of work mittens for Royd. They're in black and it's such a dreary day that I can't get a picture yet.

And I have a finished object to show! Yeah!

Here's the Leaves and Flowers Shawl that's been done for about three weeks or so and just needed a blocking.

Full body shot

how the pattern looks

the best representation of the color

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I've Been Busy. Very Busy.

Samus has come to my house to play and refuses to leave my fingers alone.

I started Samus last Wednesday evening and have been having a hard time putting it down. I've already divided for the armholes and am almost finished with the left (maybe the right?) side. Cooler weather has made me long to wear this sweater. I guess I better get over my fear of zippers once and for all.

Next up, I'm in a search for what yarn to use for either Mariah or Rogue. Both have been on my want list for quite some time, but never happened. Also, Royd has decided that he wants an Aran sweater, so I need to find a pattern and yarn for him. I guess he better take me shopping this weekend!

I suppose it won't be a problem for that; we've got the time. He took off four days for our anniversary (tomorrow), but he's in the field and won't be home until late. Originally we thought to go somewhere to get away, but with money being a little tight lately, we decided not to. Instead we'll save the hotel money and do some local day trips and maybe get to come home with some souveniers.

Almost forgot (again) to mention these socks:

Trekking XXL in color 105

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Look Elsewhere for Knitting

First, let me thank everyone for their comments concerning my last post. I do apologize for not emailing back, but my Hotmail account is on the fritz, again. Some days I can only read my messages and others I can't even get into it. Seriously thinking about switching everything over to Yahoo.

Second, sorry for being so quiet lately. My weird funky mood continues and there hasn't been a whole lot of knitting going on.

Here are my last four (out of eight) attempts for Friday Harbour. I think I'll just quit while I'm ahead. Nothing was speaking to me and I don't want to knit these unless I'm truly happy with the yarn. It's such a wonderful pattern that I don't want to ruin it with a pair I end up hating. Okay, okay, I could just order more yarn. But I kinda spent a little too much the past few months and am trying to be good and use what's already here.

Which leads me to this:

Acrylic yarn stash busting projects

I went through a bin of yarn and pulled out all of the complimentary baby colors I could find that are oddballs. I then threw them in a bag and am just randomly crocheting squares with them. I haven't really thought about how I'll end up putting them together. So far I think I'll have enough to make four small baby blankets. Too bad all this work has barely put a dent in the acrylic bin!