Sunday, October 03, 2004

My Brain Isn't Working

I have a few updates to make.

First, the "soap" my SP sent me, isn't that, but solid body cream. Duh, don't I feel silly. But, it's even better since my hands are always dry. Thanks again SP!

Second, I totally forgot to post about the wonderful gift Calissa gave me. She surprised me with a Layette set for the baby. There's a hat, washcloth, bib and two undershirts. It was so completely unexpected and thoughtful! Thank you again!

Reilly was running a fever after waking up from his early nap yesterday until after todays, so we never made it to the playground. He's feeling fine now, but I'm glad I kept him inside to rest. Was shame however, since it was gorgeous out all weekend. Hopefully it will stay this way for a few more days.

Well, lots of knitting going on this weekend. Managed to crank out 3 1/2 squares of the baby blanket. Haven't yet decided exactly how big it will be, will have to see as I get more done on it. Here's a picture of the colors. Aren't they great?

Clapotis is coming along nicely. I can't wait to finish it. I'm liking the pattern so much that I may even make a few for presents. I wasn't suppose to add anybody else to my XMas list, but I may just have to. Well, let me finish some other projects up first, and then I'll see what I have time for. I know my mom would love one, she so subtly hinted at it and all.

I found this at the thrift store last week for 1.50. I spent the better part of this morning ripping it out. So far, I've only managed to get one sleeve completely out. The wool itself is okay. It is not twisted, which is nice, but keeps breaking apart. Also, I don't know how it ever stayed together, the ends aren't weaved in. But it'll be perfect for felting.

The past few weeks I've managed to get my hands on a bunch of wool for felting and dyeing. Now, I just can't decide what to make. I was going to do a Booga Bag and still want to. Alas, I found another bag pattern I'd like to do. It's a diaper bag from "Knitting for Baby" and is too cool. Hmm... Maybe both? The diaper bag is larger and has pockets. Would definetly be more practical, considering the situation. Well, I've got alittle time to figure it out, but not much!

Talk about bad timing! I just found out that the Elementary school will be having a PTA Craft Show. It's Nov. 14th. Just a few days before baby boy is expected. Plus, I don't have enough time to get anything done for it. I would love to do something like this. I have a few basic bag and scarf patterns that I've come up with that have been waiting for they're chance to be put to use. When I worked at AC Moore I would just make up my own to showcase the yarn that we sold, since they didn't carry many that suited me. Do I have any made up? No. Just a few baby things that were never given away. Oh well, I guess there's always next year. I'm going to call the lady in charge anyway and find out about rental charges and plans for next year.