Monday, November 08, 2004


A week and a half. That's it. Yup, my days of knitting marathons and exploring my new host country are quickly depleting. As I was staring at the calendar this morning, this realization washed over me. Ugh. Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to the little ones arrival and can't wait for him to be a part of this family. It's just that I dread trying to get two little ones ready and pushing them around in that humongous double stroller. I foresee that it will be awhile before my only excursions include more than the weekly trips to the commissary and PX.

So, what's a girl to do? Visit every store that carries yarn this morning. That's five of 'em. My poor son must think I'm crazy. After our three hours walking around, I came home with this.

That's enough sock yarn for eight pairs of socks. Five as they are and three to dye. I didn't plan on that much, but I found all these great deals. I couldn't refuse. And wait! There's more! I just can't show it. I picked up some stuff for my SP and some yarn for yet another Clapotis that will be a gift.

Yes, I am on a sock kick. Should I mention that along with some Highland Wool that I ordered from Elann, there's also four balls of sock yarn coming too? My justification in having all this in my stash is that whenever I see a pattern that I want to do, I'll have many options to choose from and won't feel too bad about not being able to run to the LYSs on a whim.

And the nesting doesn't stop there. I went just about nuts cleaning my house this weekend. Not your normal cleaning. It was the under the bed, toothbrush scouring, Lysol fume sickening kind of cleaning. I feel better. Not that when you look around, one could tell anymore-my son quickly trashed everything again. But it's done, along with alot of other stuff I've been meaning to do around the house.

So, not too much knitting got done. I did manage to finish the Lace Top Socks. The second sock turned out much better, on account that I was able to not let my gauge grow on me. I also started another sock. It's being knitted with the green yarn I dyed and is of my own design. If it turns out nice, I'll post a picture. I am avoiding the diaper bag. All I need to do is finish sewing it together and then felt it. But I'm hating the way it looks with the overcast stitch. I know once felted, I won't be able to tell... I just can't bring myself to do it! And I think that Reilly's Winter Set is completed sans mittens. The thumb is giving me problems. After ripping it out and trying four times, I went out and bought him some fleece mitten that match close enough. Maybe I'll try again. Maybe not.

I'm tired. Everything aches. I need to some laundry, but it's going to have to wait. The rest of my day is going to include frozen pizza and ass planted on the couch. I can't wait!