Monday, September 06, 2004

Happy Labor Day

I can't believe we're at this point in the year already. Three quarters of the year is gone and fall is almost here. Goody, fall is my favorite season. And I actually get to experience seasons again. Living in Ga. for the past three years really made me miss seasons. I get to wear all of my sweaters!

Speaking of sweaters, I am almost finished with mine. Just a few more inches to bind off the sleeves and then I can contemplate seaming it. Seaming always tends to drag out completion. I've already started looking for patterns for the red yarn I bought a few weeks ago and think I found one. I haven't ever done a sweater with cables and I think that might be nice to do. So, I'm looking at one I found in FCEK from last year.

Started the Broadripple Socks with some of the yarn I dyed. So far they look pretty nice. The pattern is so easy, but beautiful. I've dubbed them my current PGP (playground project). When we go, I have to have something that I don't have to concentrate on, so that I can watch Reilly.

This weekend was quite boring. I'm trying to save some money for moms' visit, so we didn't go out too much. So, I spent the weekend fooling around in the kitchen. I haven't baked alot since Royd left, just haven't felt the urge. I made a cake and banana bread. Yummy. And since nobody we knew was cooking out, I did BBQ Pork Sandwiches. Double yum! I did get a trip to the LYS for my secret pal in. Found some beautiful stuff I think she'll really like. And I was a very good girl, I didn't get anything for myself.

Well, it's off the clean and bathe the boy. Such fun!