Saturday, September 11, 2004

Did I Miss Something?

Oh, you know, like a whole week!?! It really feels like it was just last Saturday. They say time flies when you're having fun, but that's only a half truth. I think part of my week was spent shopping and exploring the town and the other part was fighting with a toddler that doesn't want to take naps anymore.

I was on a quest to find my SP some specific goodies. That took me to a local supermarket and there went alot of money. They had two aisles devoted to chocolate and candy. I am still drooling. Well, I got her some stuff. We won't talk about what I bought for myself. So glutonous.

Here is my pitiful progress on Broadripple. I love them, but they're just not at the top of my list right now. I've been working on Cabaret and Cropped Sweater. Cabaret is now about 60% done. I've started the sleeves and that's going pretty quickly. I hope to have it done completely by the end of the weekend. Cropped Sweater is nearly done. I forced myself to sit down and seam the blasted thing. Now, I just have to do the turtleneck collar. Can't say when that will be picked up again. Let me just put it this way, I don't like twisted ribbing in the round-it requires purling through the back loop. Not hard, just tedious.

I don't have any other knitting pictures to show, so here's one of Reilly sleeping on the couch yesterday. He's got a bit of a cold, but wouldn't fall asleep in his room. So, I brought him out to the living room and he fell fast asleep. I know it's horrible to even say, but kids can be so sweet and loving when they're sick.

And here's something completely random: baby spit-up stains. Yes, I knew that already, but something weird happened... I was always good about washing all of Reilly's stuff before I stored it. Before we moved, I even went through all of it to see if anything needed to be thrown out and all looked great. Much to my surprise when I started sorting through it this week that stains have shown up! I have no idea what happened! I'm going to try washing everything and see if that helps. But if not, almost everything will have to be replaced. I will not be happy about that. Well, speaking of, I just got back from the PX and spent a boatload on stuff for the little one. Now, I have to put it away. Lol... I need a bigger house...