Monday, August 30, 2004

Better Moods

Sorry about yesterday's rant. Sometimes you just got to get it off your chest and I felt much better after writing it all down. Then a friend sent me this and I got a good laugh. So, I'm good now.

Almost finished with one sock. Just have to finish the toe. I had to adjust the decreases since my gauge was off, so it's taking a little manipulation. BTW, gauge drives me nuts. It never seems to fail that once I actually start my project my gauge ends up being off. Usually I adjust for this with larger projects by going a needle size down automatically. But I've never had it happen with something so small. Oh, well. They fit, but they're baggy. I guess they'll make great weekend house socks.

I swatched some of the sock yarn I dyed and I'm so pleased. Very pretty colors and soft. But I'm swearing to myself that I will not start them until the other pair is done. I was looking at my list of everything I need to finish and it's a bit much. Most of it just needs seaming or ends weaved in. I just hate doing these things, so there they sit!