Monday, August 23, 2004

Oh Happy Day

Loot Posted by Hello

Found another yarn store today! It was right down the street from the other one but had never walked that far. Oh, such beautiful yarn... Was looking for the perfect yarn for the poncho I want to make. They had Gedifra Dandy for 2.oo a ball. Great bargain. Also found lots of Lana Grossa and of course Regia. Saw some Regia Silk, but resisted that urge. Must have spent 45 minutes looking at all she had, much to the dismay of Reilly. After that I decided to see what Wolle Rodel had and found the beautiful red yarn. Got enough to make a sweater someday. Also picked up some Regia Stretch. I am so excited! Lots of stuff to play with and keep me happy for awhile. The best part was that I only spent about 65 dollars on all of it! I can't wait to find out who my secret pal is so I can share all the wonderful finds.

After posting I have to clean before I can play, though. It's a hard to believe that I spent about 2 hours yesterday cleaning, you couldn't tell. I swear my son thinks that having a tidy house is a sin. I'm not sure why I bother sometimes. Oh, well...