Sunday, August 29, 2004

Obsession and Frustration

Ever have one of those day? Ya know, where everything seems like crap?

Started mine out on the wrong side. Woke up from a dream that bad things had happened to both Royd and the baby. Telling myself it was just a dream, I went back to bed, but that bad feeling never left. Then before I can even turn on the coffee maker Reilly is screaming at me saying he wants cookies. Ha! I don't think so little one. Nice try. (tantrum)

Being it Sunday and everything being closed, I thought we'd go to the playground. Nooo... It's wet and dreary and the sand is saturated with water. Nice drainage system. So, back to the house to watch some movies and a little knitting. Darn DVD isn't working-keeps eating the discs into the back. Sorry Reilly, but you'll have to watch whatever crappy cartoons are on crappy AFN. (tantrum) On the plus, I did get half of one sock done. Too bad my gauge didn't hold and they're a tad big, but that's okay. I'm not really impressed with the pattern anymore and who's to see them anyway.

Can we just say, I'm obsessed with the dyeing. I read Lizzi's update on my Koolaid and she gave me a great idea. Mix the Grape in! I overdyed all my blue skeins with another packet of Berry Blue with the Grape and they look great! A lovely blue with a touch of purple. Not what I was looking for, but I'm in love anyway. (happy dance) I'd love to show a picture, but the wonderful digital can only make out teal or dark blue. I'm not going to bother until I can get a close approximation of the color. It's too pretty to disgrace it. (my tantrum) Baby boy will be getting a Kimono top out of it after it dries. Finally I feel inspired to knit for the baby again. I had so many great ideas if he was going to be a girl, but hadn't really been feeling the boy theme.

Anyway, mom is looking to find me some wool that I don't have to order online. She has a friend who spins, so maybe she'll know of a good yarn source. I have tons of ideas on things to dye!

But there is good news. Calissa, I will be in Idar-Oberstein the last week of September. My MIL has a jewelry show to do and I'm going to stay with her for a few days. Now we can meet and raid those yarn shops together! That will be a crazy week. DM is flying in for a week and after I drop her off at Frankfort I'll be driving over to Idar.

Well, I must sign off. Reilly has found my new sets of Inox dpns and is throwing them around. (urge to throttle) Ah... The joys of having a toddler. And another on the way? I must be losing it...