Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Long Overdue Hello

Well, we're here in Georgia! Actually we've been here for over a month, but with the house hunting, unpacking and general business of moving this is the first time I've even thought of updating the blog.

We found a lovely little house to rent with plenty of room. Well, plenty of room for everything except the rather large stash I seem to have accumulated. So I've been doing a bit of a cleaning out of sorts and posted a bunch of stuff on my Ravelry sell page. Feel free to wander over there and see if you can't help a lady out.

The only problem with the house we picked is that the school is horrible. So horrible that it's been on the No Child Left Behind list for a few years now. Thankfully the district allowed us the opportunity to transfer Reilly to another one. In the end, he's now in a great school and I get to drive him every day(not so good).

Before our stuff got here I did manage to finish quite a few socks, but since I just unpacked my camera, I haven't had a chance to take pictures yet. Soon... Well, it's almost time to leave for the nice trek to get the boy from school. Not to leave you pictureless, I leave you with one of the latest batts I made up for my shop. It's one of my favorites!