Saturday, September 06, 2008

Did You Know?

1. That a full can of shaving cream can be fully dispensed in about a minute?

2. That two dozen eggs is very hard to get out of a carpet?

Ask me how I know.

Howdy folks! Long time, hasn't it been? With the Georgia heat I haven't had much desire to knit. I spent much of my free time this summer spinning. Although about two weeks ago the sudden urge to knit struck. I ordered yarn for the first time in months!

Dolores Park Cowl

Dolores Park Cowl
Malabrigo Chunky, Paris Nights

A nice quick knit to get me back into the rhythm of knitting. It's destined to be a gift for someone this holiday season. I've also casted on for a pair of socks in some lovely Colinette Jitterbug. Though at the rate I seem to knit nowadays it might be awhile before they're finished.

Of course I've been dyeing up a storm. It's all I seem to think about. Color combinations pop into my head all the time and unfortunately many are lost by the time I get a chance to write them down. Wanna see some of what I've been up to?

Update 9/5

These are from this week's update. I've finally decided that semi-solids and overdyes are going to be my main focus as far as yarns go. I just enjoy them so much more and love the way they knit up.

Oh, and did you see? I'm the Featured Artist of the Month over at Yarn4Socks! Yay! She has some colorways I don't foresee doing in the near future, so you should go over and check them out. :)

Well, children and housework are calling... Funny, I keep asking the hubby that since it's the weekend, when do I get to enjoy it? Ha! Until next time!