Friday, December 09, 2005

Can I Have My Week Back?

Time sure is flying. Every year it gets worse. Remember when you were a kid and the weeks following Thanksgiving seemed to drag and drag? The anticipation of Christmas made each day seem like two or three. Now, entire weeks could be contained in one day.

I'm behind. The shopping isn't finished, packages aren't mailed and decorating has yet to commence. Then to top everything off, we are waiting for parts for the car so that it can be fixed. I have to drive to Frankfurt in two Mondays to get my mom. I may have to rent a car. Nothing like extra expenses at this time of the year.

On the bright side of things, I do have some finished objects to show!

Here is the Shaped Triangle in all of it's blocked glory. It spans the entire length of my couch and it could have been even bigger. I ran out of room on the carpet. I wasn't about to move heavy furniture. Closeups of the edging and body follow.

Next, I finished Whitby for the KOTRkal. They only took about four days to finish. I used Knitpicks Merino Style. Although the pattern calls for a sportweight and Merino Style is dk, I easily got gauge with 3mms. They ended up being a nice thick, tight sock. The color is actually bright mossy green, but for some reason I couldn't catch the true color with natural light or flash.

And yet another horrible picture... The Irish Hiking Scarf has been blocked (not that it helped at all) and a pair of mittens were knit to match. This yarn is a tweedy chocolate brown from Peacock Yarns.

On the needles now are a pair of socks for Reilly and a garter stitch leftover scarf for myself. I'm also contemplating which pair of socks to start next. My choices are Friday Harbor, Jaywalker, or Pomatomus. OR I may try to do a pair of mosaics or color stranded. I just don't know.