Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cover Those Ears

First things first:

Yup, yours truly was the Etsy shop of the day yesterday at Lime and Violet's The Daily Chum. How cool is that! Yes, I'm thrilled.

Ok, so I feel like I owe a knitting post after that long hiatus. As I had mentioned, I have been doing some gift knitting, but have decided to not post those pictures until after everyone has opened them so that I keep the surprise.

What I can show is all the hats I've been cranking out. Serious hat mania going on over here.

Steel Karlchen III

Pattern: Karlchen
Yarn: "Steel", alpaca and superwash merino from my own batts

Crabapple Karlchen II

Pattern: Karlchen
Yarn: "Crabapple" BFL spun from Hello Yarn

Crabapple Karlchen I

What can I say, when I find a good pattern, I stick with it. The pattern is written from the top down so that you can try it on. Or quit when you run out of yarn. They also worked up really fast, taking just a day each. I think my handspun looks great in these too.

I figured I need a little something with interest for the next hat, so I started on a Koolhaas. Who isn't doing one of these? I chose Knit Picks Andean Silk after finding a couple balls yesterday hiding in my stash.

Koolhaas Started

Perhaps I need to go through the yarn more often, since I forget I own things. Yes, "most" of the stash is cataloged on Ravelry, but that consists of the sock yarn and sweaters. Those odd balls of only a few, the lace, Shetland and gross amount of yarn purchased for stranded work remain packed away.

Well, that's all I'll get into today. Trust me there's more. Good stuff too!