Friday, July 21, 2006

Real Quick

I finished up a few more socks this week. Here's the details:

Reillys--Lion Brand Magic Stripes, top down on 48 stitches with a band heel

Mine--Koigu, toe up with short row heel and a sewn bind off

That's all I've able to work on. Between the heat and the various sick people in the house, I haven't had alot of time or inclination to knit. I tried spinning but the wool is sticking to my hands resulting in some pretty lumpy singles.

I'm heading off on vacation next week so I probably won't post until I get back. Royd's dad is on leave from Iraq, so me and the boys are heading to South Germany to meet up with him and his wife. Royd's probably working that weekend, so he won't get to join us. I've got a ton of things left to do before the trip !

On a sader note, we got official word Sunday that Royd will be deploying in the next month or so. Due to security reasons, we won't know until the last minute when.

Well, the boys are getting into all sorts of mischief, see you in a bit!