Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Clean Sweep

We've been enjoying beautiful spring weather the past few days. Winter coats, boots and warm handknits have been put away into storage for next year. As much as we'd like to spend all day outside basking in the warm sunshine, there are little ones schedules to deal with. So in the time that we're forced to spend inside, I've taken advantage of the spring cleaning bug that bit.

This year spring cleaning takes on a different perspective. Sometime this fall we'll be moving back to the States. I know that once the hot weather hits and without air conditioning, I will not feel like doing what needs to be done. So, a little bit each day I attack a small project. Slowly but surely closets, bookshelves and random boxes are being purged of unneeded items. It's kinda overwhelming at times to see what we've accumulated over the past three years.

Yarn: Sunshine Yarn in Grasshopper
Pattern: Plain Vanilla Socks **

When exactly we are moving is still undertermined. Late last year it was put out that redeployment would most likely happen in late June. Now, this wasn't "official" but it gave everyone something to look forward to. Well, that's three months away and still there hasn't been an announcement as to where this still holds true or not. I understand why the powers that be won't say is because of the fear that if the redeployment date changes, there will be some very unhappy people. Right now we're in limbo and it's starting to get frustrating.

One Anniversary Sock down, lots of modifications

I guess at this point, I'd just to like to hear something. Anything. It's fine if the guys don't come home in June, I wasn't really expecting a ten month tour anyway. So, I guess in the meantime I'll continue to go through our stuff and prepare the best I can for what could be a move late this summer, or possibly winter. Big difference, huh?

**You may have noticed Anemoi in the background. Reknitting them has commenced and I'm really glad I did. They're coming out much better this time.