Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Well, I did it. I went ahead and ruined a pair of socks. I wear a size 9 so these clearly will not fit me. Funny, but I can't felt on purpose, but on accident it's not a problem at all.

Actually, it wasn't the washer's fault. I forgot to fish them out when I threw the load into the dryer. Oh well... Does give me freedom to cast on for another pair?

I've been trying to be good and not do that. I'm still only on the heel of the second Anniversary sock and had promised myself that they would be done before starting another. As things go, I got bored and started perusing patterns and yarn.

Hold yourselves back... It's not a sock either! Ever since I got this book, I've admired these gloves. I've never done gloves before and hadn't any desire to either. For whatever reason the thought of doing all those fingers scared me. Now I've only finished one little pinky, but I don't think it's that bad after all.

I am, of course, free to change my mind at any time.

Sadly this the only progress I can really speak of right now. I've been sucked back into spinning the past few night while the Cable Down Raglan looks at me from it's knitting bag. I suspect that until I'm finished with this bobbin, it'll remain the same.

Happy knitting (and spinning too) everyone!