Friday, April 06, 2007

Anniversary Socks

Pattern: Anniversary Socks from Favorite Socks
Yarn: Paprika Merino Tencel from The Woolen Rabbit

I finally bit the bullet and finished these up. Halfway through the second I got bored as I usually do and had to put them down. The other day it started to nag on me, so I fished them out of their bag and got to work. Easier said than done. I made so many changes, of course I didn't write them down and had a horrible time trying to figure out what I did. Lots of counting was involved and I only made one error in replication. I can live with that. When will I learn to write these things down!?!

Overall the pattern was great but the changes I made were based on personal preferences. First, I made the diamond pattern over a panel of seven instead of six. It seemed off center to me with only six. Second, the cables nearest the back stockinette portion weren't separated by a purl so I added one. Third, I used four decreases on the toe instead of the three.

I have to have at least one sock on the needles so naturally I started another one.

I first saw these over at Pat's, and I just loved them. Digging around I found the perfect yarn. It breaks up the swirling colors without disrupting them.

As for all those other projects that are lingering... well, I'm getting to them. Eventually.