Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I Got Them!

And I love them!!! These gorgeous socks were waiting for me last night at the Post Office. They come from North Carolina made by Wendi. They're Denmark from Knitting on the Road. The colors awesome, I need more purple in my life. Wendi's so sweet, she also included some matchbox cars and a mini See and Say for the boys. Thank you, thank you!

I just want to know what yarn she used, it's like butter.

In other news, I finished the scarf from Hell. The stinkin' thing took two weeks to do! I guess what matters is that he loves it. So much that he has asked for another one in black. Ha! We'll have to find a different pattern this time.

I went ahead and ordered the yarn for it from Discount Yarn Sale. He also wants black gloves for work, so I figure I'll use part of the bag. The rest will be sure to get used up sooner or later. I also got two bags of grey Woolease for his Basketweave Pullover. At $2.25 a ball, you can't beat the price. I was contemplating getting the Patons Merino that was used originally, but that won't work. My husband is worse with his clothes that Reilly is. I wouldn't dream of making him a sweater that couldn't go into the wash to remove all those food stains.