Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Case of Startitis

Fresh in the stash: two balls of Regia Bamboo Color.

Kathleen finally(!!!) came to see Marc on Sunday and left these bad boys behind. Yum! I in turn sent her home with all of my sock leftovers for her Log Cabin blanket. I do think that there's yarn from about 30 pairs of socks. She should be busy for awhile. Yup, anyone who's wondering if the thing actually exists, yes it does! And it's really cool too.

Anyhoo, I'm tempted to cast on with this yarn but I really need to restrain myself. See, I have a bit of a problem:

Four pairs of socks and three sweaters need to be finished. Oh and then there's a sweater for Royd I just started along with some potholders. And we won't even get into the yarn that has yet to be delivered for some summer knitting. Honestly, I think I need some intervention! The worst part of it all? All I want to do is spin, but I can't while keeping an eye on the kids. I've tried. It's really hard.

In other news, the kids are all sick. Again. In the past month this is everyone's third cold. I'm getting pretty tired of wiping noses and listening to sickly whines. When will it end?!?

On a brighter note I'll leave you with a picture of Marc. I've been trying to get a picture of him smiling and this is the closest I've come to yet.