Friday, May 12, 2006

Mail Call

I finally got my butt to the post office and found lots of great stuff waiting for me.

First, there was my socks from Kira. She made me Pomatomus using yarn from Ellen's 1/2 Pint Farm.

My feet are so happy for soft, squishy and gorgeous yarn! Thank you sooooo much, I love them! I've been wanting to make these socks and now I don't have to.

Next up is a little fiber.

8 oz. Merino, 8 oz. Merino/Mohair, 24 gms silk hankies, 1 pound Wensleydale

Not pictured, 3 pounds of BFL

I know I said that I have enough wool to hold me over for quite awhile, but I have a reason. See I needed just a few more ounces of BFL to complete a spinning project. I figured why not get the large lot and save a few bucks with the discount and shipping cost. Well, it kinda snowballed from there when I saw other things that I really liked. I just need to find somewhere to put it!

Not to worry that all my fiber is just sitting around taking up space. It is getting spun up! The purple yarn is what I'm working on now and it's turning out quite nice. The other two skeins didn't turn out as well. I had dyed and spun the roving so that when it was knit up, it would stripe, which did turn out. The problem is that I had a hard time finding my groove with the Navajo plying on the first bobbin and it turned out pretty crappy. The original goal of this yarn was socks, but now I'm thinking I'll make some felted potholders. I need new ones anyway so it all works out.