Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm Working On It

I've been having a hard time focusing on any of my current projects lately. I'll pick up one and knit on it for a day and then shift my attention to another for another. Although this means there is progress on each, it feels like none is being made. The three that are getting the most are the Manly Sweater (still!), Hero, and Embossed Leaves.

I think that part of the problem is that I received my fall magazines two weeks ago. I just love this issue of Interweave Knits! There is so much that I want to make: Gatsby Girl, Equinox, Swallowtail Shawl, Coral Crossing, Weekend Pullover and the Sienna Cardigan. Then there some great socks in Vogue. Of course, there aren't any appropriate yarns in my stash for any of them. Another shopping spree? No, I need to be good. I've got yarn for seven sweaters so I really need to work with some of those first.

Another thing I'm stressing about is Christmas. Yikes, it's coming up fast this year. Pretty much everyone on my list will be getting a pair of socks this year. I figure that I love making socks, but have plenty of pairs. So the next best thing is to introduce everyone to the joy of handknit socks.

As much as I love these, they will be given away.

Things are going well here. We've settled into a new routine and are taking things a day at a time. Royd has internet in his room so we can IM whenever he has time, which is really nice. He's already been given a tentative R&R date of January and that gives all of us something to look forward to.

Well, it's time to start moving and get cleaning! Have a great week!