Monday, September 25, 2006

21 Done

Current state of the stole is at 21.5 repeats. Originally I hadn't planned on doing the full number since my gauge should be larger, but i'm rethinking that. At this point, it is still quite small. I did a test dry block and it didn't get as huge as I thought it would be so I do believe I'm going to keep going. I'd much rather run the risk of it being bigger than smaller.

In anticipation of Socktoberfest, I pulled out this Cherry Tree Hill yarn and started a toe up sock. Honestly, I have no idea about what to put on the leg. Feather and Fan jumps into mind, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

I plan on using October as the time to get those gift socks done along with the Manly socks. I'm almost done with one except for toe shaping, but there isn't a rush on those, yet. The other pair that I need to do will be these in some Swish Superwash that has still not arrived.

I'll admit that it's been hard to stay focused when new things keep showing up:

Seven skeins each. I'm thinking that the green would make a great Rogue and the purple as a West End Raglan. I'm of course free to change my mind at any time. :)

I belong to that craft book club and when they offered me books for 9.99 each, I couldn't pass it up. I'm quite happy with the purchases except for one. The Yarn Girls new one wasn't as good as their first kids book. I just didn't feel that it was very inspiring and the models looked like they were drowning in the sweaters. Maybe I just don't like chunky that much.

In a personal note, Royd and I celebrated our 5th anniversary on Friday. It was alittle sad knowing that this our third in a row that we haven't been together for. Hopefully this will be the last deployment for us and we won't have to worry about him missing important events anymore.