Tuesday, October 31, 2006

31 Days of Socks

Today's the last day of Socktoberfest. Whew! My fingers sure have been busy knitting up those socks. I even managed to do a pair over the weekend.

Yarn: Wolle Rodel Sport and Strumpf Wolle Color
Pattern: toe up with no-wrap short rows

Yes, these bad boys only took 4 days. Gotta love the size 5 feet and 7 stitches per inch. No, they're not for me, my feet aren't that small. Or even remotely close. Someone on my knitting list mentioned high heating bills and cold feet, so they're getting two pairs.

I still have yet to finish the Latvian Lace socks, but I give myself a few more weeks for them. They're not exactly a fast knit.

I'm actually kinda burned out on the socks. Good thing that I signed up for the Warm Hands knitalong. Some little boys I know need new mittens. Well, to be honest, I don't really feel like making mittens either. I'm itching to cast on for a new sweater. I know, it's the last thing I need to be working on right now. Yet, it's getting to be that point where I'm squirming. Indeciveness about which one to start is the only reason I haven't casted on yet.

Ok, I'm off to go think about my choices some more. Maybe I'll have something to show next time too. Happy Halloween!