Monday, October 23, 2006

Scoop du Jour

Pattern: Scoop du Jour
Yarn: Gedifra Wellness, I think 10 balls

Yay, it's done! Well, almost. I need to reblock it for the button and neck band. I also need to tighten up the cast off edge since I did it a bit too loose.

While I'm at, I should just rip the whole dang thing out and reknit it. Once again, it's too big. I really have a hard time with this, don't I? I won't rip because it's going to make a great around the house/errand sweater.

I just love these buttons!

I'd had this great post made up in my head, but I can't recall any of it. I just found out that our battalion has lost our sixth soldier. It's only been eleven weeks. I'm really not liking these statistics. Frankly, it scares the crap out of me. I could get into it more, but I won't. Mostly because I can't quite make sense of what I should say.

Have a great week everyone! I'll be back when I'm in a cheerier mood.