Monday, March 06, 2006

Banish Your UFOs!

There's a new button up in the side bar. Okay, I'm not Catholic but Royd is "technically". But I do have a few UFOs that need to get out of the pile. I haven't decided which will get done since I really only have three more weeks to work on them. I had thought about ripping an ill-fitting sweater and redoing, but I'd rather concentrate on something else. Perhaps I'll tackle some baby blankets for charity so that I can finally mail them out.

This weekend didn't produce as much as I'd had hoped, but I'm overall happy with my progress. I just started on the yoke of Mariah, but am struggling with the final cable repeat. I had shortened the sleeves and now am having problems working out how to do the cable. I'm either going to have to eliminate it or make it shorter. I'm leaning towards making it shorter.

I did get all of the Plums and Berries spun and plied. Here's one skein and the colors are pretty accurate. The other skein is still dripping wet.

I just had to share the following picture. In the past week Connor has become strangely obsessed with his blanket. He carries it around everywhere and snuggles up with it on the couch. It's too cute! Reilly has a teddy bear he has to sleep with, but it doesn't compare to this. Also, he has learned to blow kisses. Adorable!

Please excuse the dirty face and shirt. One year olds don't seem to stay clean for long...