Monday, June 25, 2007

I Give

The fridge dies. A call to the Housing Office gets me an estimated time frame of "someone will be out by the day's end". Uh, my fridge is registering 55F and getting warmer. Okay whatever. Thankfully someone is out by lunch and and a new one is in it's place by three. Between those times I had to throw out pretty much everything.

It's gets better. As I'm inspecting my fridge in the morning, I find that on the underside of the door, black mold has sprouted. A quick Google search reveals that this explains my lightheadness, nausea and headaches. I spend the entire morning inspecting everything in my house.

Merino Tencel singles on the wheel

Grocery shopping for the second time this week. Ouch! Then, apparently my upstair's neighbors apartment has become the party house. I get to listen to the bass pounding as I fall asleep.

My So Called Scarf on the needles

I finally talk to the hubby after a week and a half. Yay! At this point we discuss bank account charges and he swears he didn't make "those". I curse him quietly and promise to look into it.

Whisper Lace Socks on the needles

At exactly 4:20 the all weekend party breaks up as the now drunk and tired guests literally fall down the stairs. I never get back to bed. Then, I get a horrible email informing me that our Commanding Officer's 15 year old son has died unexpectedly.

Yarn: Handspun from "Hunkered" courtesy Hello Yarn
Pattern: Basic Mittens from The Knitter's Handy Book of Patterns

I go to the bank and find out that it's not my husband's bank card making these charges, but mine. At this point I feel every single fiber in my body go limp and I just want to cry. But I can't. I go home and call the companies and get some info. Then it's up to the Police Station to file a report and then back home after three hours to cancel the rest of my cards.

So, either my computer got hacked or a business I purchased from did. I swear! It just keeps getting better and better with each day. I keep waking up in the morning wondering what's next.

Come on, Powers-That-Be, give me your best! No, really you don't have to... I don't want to see what else can come up.