Friday, June 29, 2007


Hello out there! I am still alive, the universe hasn't exploded and I'm doing quite well. Thank you for all of the very nice comments that were left for me earlier this week. I've been avoiding my inbox since it seems to be breeding. Heck, I'm still working on last week's emails! I suppose if I would just sit down and do it, instead of playing with fiber... Nah.

I don't know about you, but I highly enjoy reading the Yarn Pron/Fiber Fridays that some bloggers do. Unofficially I've been doing them occasionally, just not always on Friday and thought it might be a nice installment on this blog. Of course, due to my sporadic posting, you'll get to see the goodies whenever I get around to posting them.

This week I got a few packages that really helped with my mood.

These would be my latest sock stash enhancements from the Loopy Ewe. Yes, I did swear to Kathleen a few weeks ago that I would not be buying any until I finished quite a few more socks. Oops! Oh, and yes those are some fingers in the bottom of the picture. A certain little baby is quite fascinated with the yarn, grabbing and running whenever the opportunity presents itself.

These two came from Funky Carolina. I just realized this week that I had spun some of hers awhile back and never showed it here. It's now in a new home and I hope she is enjoying it.

Ok, enough of that. Onto what I've been doing already!

Yup, I started another sock with the Krauterbeet Wollmeise. OMG. I love this yarn. The yarn itself is firmly twisted, kinda like Lorna's Laces, but is still oh so soft when knitted up. Can I just tell you now that I'll be ordering much more of this? Eight colorways will be mine, at least.

Fiber: 3.5 oz Falkland "Welder Brook Hollow" from PippiKneeSocks
Stats: Bulky weight, 158 yards

These are one of her solar dyed wools that she described in her article for the Summer Knitty. I saw it and thought "boy". I'm trying to make a conscious effort to buy more boy-friendly wools since I have to tendancy to just buy for myself. So far, I've made a good contribution to the stash, and just need to spin them.

Look! I finally made some batts! The colors a little funny in both pictures. The top is a bit more blue and the bottom doesn't show the chocolate brown all that well. These will be up in the shop sometime this weekend as soon as I can get some decent pictures and final weights. Of course, if you can't wait for that, you can always email me.

Phew, is that enough for y'all to drool over?