Monday, January 31, 2005

Another Pair

Yeah, I finished the Chevron Socks.

Now I can move onto other things.

I spent the entire weekend doing swatches for the red scarf. Just when I thought I had found one, I realized it was just like someone else's. I figure variety is key, so back to the drawing board.



I wanted something with visual interest on both sides. I'm thinking that it has been achieved. Now I just have to clean up those edges. I have a k1p1 rib but I'm thinking that I'll just let the first and last repeat curl as it was doing. I'll just add a selvedge to it and leave it be.

Both kids and I are sick. Yuck! It's not too bad but just enough to make us feel crappy. Connor's doing the best of all. He's such a little trooper! To top it off, he cut his first tooth yesterday. I know, pretty early. I have to admit, I started crying when I saw the white sticking out of his gum. He will be our last and I want him to stay little as long as possible. Already he's doing things that Reilly didn't do until a month or two later. I had promised Royd that he wouldn't miss much until he got home and he's missing alot. Well, three weeks to go...