Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Giving up

I'm not going to make it. It took me two days to get through one panel of the afghan and I need two more. Then there's seaming it and a pretty border that need to go on. I guess I'll just have to send it in for the next deadline. I may do another one for them, just because I feel really bad.

Since I no longer have to finish the afghan by this week, I feel free to work on other projects. Specifically Natalya. I'm swatching different yarns to see which ones I like best. So far two have been deemed unacceptable. Hopefully the next two work out better for me.

I love cheap yarn.

Elann restocked the Highland Wool. I of course got some, in Oxblood. And since there was still some money left on the gift card, I got some more sock yarn. I really must stop going to their website. It tempts me so much.

On top of that, KnitPicks just introduced their own line of yarn. Such cheap and pretty colorways. Their Highland Wool is only 1.79. They also have merino sock yarn for 3.99. Ohhhh... Ahhhh... Maybe I should lock my computer up so I won't see it. Better yet, I should hide my debit and credit cards.