Thursday, January 20, 2005

War President

Don't understand? Go here. Thanks to Kerstin and Jessica for setting this up.

Well, George, I hope you enjoy your party. I hope that spending $40 million makes you feel good about yourself.

Why do I protest?

Because I have never believed in the decision to go to war. Now the country is sitting there wondering if it was such a good idea either. What? No WMDs?

Because I feel that all that money could be spent providing better services for the troops that are there. I hear people talking about troop morale and how our protests bring it down. Guess what? Troop morale is low, but not because of this. How about feeding them a hot meal more often than every other day? How about getting them the proper tools to do their job? How about those Humvees? How about getting their mail to them? Oh, I could go on and on with what could be done, but I'll merely be wasting my breath.

Because I am an Army wife.

Because of my children. It kills me everyday that my husband is in Iraq fighting a war that neither of us believe in. It kills me that he should miss out on seeing his children grow.

I'm not protesting just because he's gone, like other wives I know. I protest because I truly believe it is wrong for us to be there.

I'm not protesting because I don't support or love my husband. I am very proud of him. He is an excellent soldier and leader. I just wish that his talent was being put to a better use. Oh, like maybe Afghanistan? Likewise, I support all of our troops and pray for the safe homecoming of every single one of them.

Okay, my little "speech" is done. I know I am not usually political on my blog, but I felt that I had to express myself.