Friday, January 21, 2005

A Knitting Update

Just a warning, there is lots of updating to be done. I've been a bad blogger as of late. I've had alot to blog about, but didn't quite have the energy to do so. Therefore, I'm just going to do one huge entry. Sorry, but pictures will follow another day. I'm still too lazy.

I've started quite a few projects the past week. Oh, and they're ALL from my stash!

  1. Another blanket for charity in mint green and white yarn. This will end up being donated to Project Linus.
  2. Fluted Banister Socks. After reading how much other people liked the pattern I thought I'd try it out. I have so say I'm liking it alot. It's a quick and almost mindless knit.
  3. A cotton striped sweater for Connor. I'm using navy blue and lime green yarn I picked up for a steal (.75) a few months ago.
  4. The Fur Trimmed Cowl Sweater sans fur from the latest issue of Knit It!.
  5. Natalya. Well, kinda. I really want to use Classic Elite's Miracle for this, but am not getting gauge. So I'm swatching to see what gauge I do like and then need to rework the pattern.
  6. I also frogged those Chevron socks that I had made right after Connor was born. Ultimately I wasn't happy with them and couldn't bear to leave them as is. So, as soon as the Fluted Banister are done, I'll start these.

I've also been quite the joiner.

  1. I've been accepted to the Knitting Blogs webring. Yeah!
  2. I signed up for Sockapalooza. I wasn't going to initially, but then Alison re-opened it, and I felt that that was a sign that I needed to join. I've been seriously stressing about what color and pattern sock to do. I don't want to do a sock that is too simple and nothing too complicated that I won't finish on time. Oh, yeah, I have to wait three weeks to get the yarn. I looked at what I do have and none of it is "right". (This does not qualify breaking my diet since it's for someone else...)
  3. I joined the Sock it to Me knitalong. Why? Ummmm...... Socks.
  4. I'm going help out the Red Scarf Project. I've got red and red and more red. Now that I think of it, this can count towards one of my ten projects. Woohoo! Not to discredit that it's also for a great cause.

Yeah, that's alot for one post. I really need to get it together and post more regularly. Wait. I have a toddler and an infant. Hey, I'm lucky to even get time to knit. Ya know when I get most of it done? Between 5 and 7 am. I figure there's no sense in going back to bed after Connors morning feeding. It's probably my favorite time of the day. Coffee, knitting and quiet. Ahh.

I've got happy news too. The hubby should be home no later than the 15th of February. For good. Well, for now. Who knows what the future holds, but I'll save that for another day. This is a happy post.