Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Sweet, Beautiful Quiet

For the first time in two weeks both children are napping at the same time. There was some serious happy dancing going on for a little bit. Now I can post about what I've meaning to since last time.

I wanted to show the beautiful necklaces my sister, Laura, sent me for Christmas.

I usually don't wear jewelry, but they're so pretty that I have to. That's not all she sent. I also received some clasp-on stitch markers.

In fact she just started out her own company, Laura Stark Designs. Seriously, you should go check out her stuff. Yes, blatant plug to drum up business for her. But hey, my blog-my sister!

As far as knitting content goes, not much to report. I'm kinda in a rut right now. I had to put Mariah on hold for now. The yarn I was using isn't making me happy-too thick at that gauge. So, in accordance with a self-imposed yarn diet I'm on, I'll just have to wait. I've also been working on a hat for Connor. This too is displeasing me. I'm doing the Jester Hat from The Yarn Girls Guide to Kid Knits. The problem is the points- they won't flop down like they're suppose to. I'm contemplating ripping it all out and working in a looser gauge, or try reworking the decreases in a different matter. Two weeks worth of knitting and nothing to show for it. Hmphf!

Yes, you read right. Yarn diet. Am I crazy? Yes. Can I resist? Probably not. (Disclaimer: patterns bought to support yarn stash and the GC to Elann don't count) All this stems from my first New Years Resolution in about 10 years. To live life a bit simpler. What does that mean? Well, stop buying things on a whim, get rid of the clutter surrounding me, invest more in my future instead of present, and teach my children about appreciating what one does have.

It hit me two days after Christmas that I've become materialistic and am teaching Reilly to be the same way. He was sitting next to me on the couch, whining and bored out of his mind. I couldn't believe it with all the new toys he had! To top it off, I had just gotten done shopping on-line. Now I just have to get my husband sold on this idea. He's worse than I am.