Saturday, April 09, 2005

5910 Yards

Well, it certainly isn't Camilla's train.

It's what I got in the mail today.

30 balls of grey and black Woolease from Discount Yarn Sale. The grey's for the Basketweave Pullover with plenty left over for a sweater for Reilly. The black is for a hat and mittens for Royd. Yes, I'm aware that there'll be tons left over, but I know it will get used in the future. I may be able to get a wrap out of it. Hmmm...

That reminds me, I just love the new issue of Knitty. I Do and Susan's Branching Out scream "KNIT ME!" I Do would be a perfect cover-up for a Ball I may be attending next month. We're waiting to see if someone can babysit or not. My lonely skein of Silky Wool has just found it's home. Thanks Susan!

Since I'm not in the mood for seaming, I started a pair of socks for Mother's Day. I think the color is fabulous and the pattern, Pretty Petals from the Townsend Sock Knit Along, is a breeze to knit up. I sure hope she likes lace socks!

I'm also aware that this is the second post in two days. No, aliens did not take my children or husband. I realize I've been quite slacking in updating lately, not for a lack of things to say, just a bit of laziness and apparent time vortexes.