Friday, April 29, 2005

Documentation for the Whole World to See

Perhaps I need to finish something. My WIP basket is running over. Actually it has run over, there's about six other projects in other places in the house. Note that on the left is a back and a front to the BWP. Only about three more inches on the first sleeve! Also in the picture, there's a box on top: my new swift. It is anxiously awaiting some yarn to test it out. Hurry up mail!

Thanks for the nice comments on the Heart-Motif Sweater. I had to put it down for a few days since the cotton was starting to hurt my hands.

I was kinda bummed out last night. The Arts and Crafts Studio on post just started a knitting group on Thursdays. I found out last week and promptly told my husband to expect me to be missing this coming week. Well, he tried his hardest to get home on time, but things always seem to "just happen". So, by the time he got here, there wasn't even enough time for me to run down and just say hi. But, I think that it was worth it in the end.

Please witness:

Yes! This is Royd cooking! A first in years except for when he makes Buffalo Wings(his rock). Funny, he used to cook at a restaurant and he wasn't half bad.

Please excuse the obvious mess in the back. All three boys are sick and I'm a bit behind in the housework.

*added later* to other blogger users: does it also drive you batty that what you see in "compose" isn't what you see in "preview" or even what is published?