Tuesday, July 19, 2005

What's Wrong With People?

This past weekend was a doozy; filled with upset and frustration. Saturday we went to a picnic and I got to meet the worst mother ever. Okay, maybe not the worst, but really, really bad. To sum up a complicated twist of events in a manageable sized post, I'll give you the highlights. Her son brought a toy along and when Reilly tried to play with it, she informed me that he wasn't allowed to because it wasn't ours. So, as I was trying to pry him away from it, her son proceeded to kick and hit Reilly. All the while she just stood there and waited. At this point, I just tried to brush it off.

Well, once we had decided to leave and were talking in the car, some other things came up. Apparently when Royd had been watching Reilly there'd been another incident involving the toy. There was more hitting along with some choking and biting. Royd didn't know who the mother was so he just separated the boys and led Reilly away. I really wish he had told me this before we had left, because there would have been words said.

Don't get me wrong, I do NOT live in a fantasy world and think kids get along all the time. I know that my son is bad about sharing too and can be quite rough with other kids at times. The problem is with the parenting. She never told him "no" or showed any concern that her child is a bully. Yikes! Too bad for her kids, they'll be poorly prepared and will just have more problems later on.

So, that's where it started. I think that this incident really distracted me. See I was here on the socks:

Now I am here:

The rest of the weekend was about the same, but not really worth blogging about. Just your average blah stuff. I guess I was just in a funk, but am feeling much better.

I managed to pick the Snowdrop Shawl back up after a three or four week hiatus. I finished the last two repeats and am now working on the edging, which is quite pretty.

I'm off to try to get a few repeats done before the little one wakes up.