Thursday, July 28, 2005

Crash the Stash

The past few weeks or so I've been feeling very uninspired towards my knitting. That's when I turn to socks since they're always exciting (at least to me) and it keep me going. So, in record time I was able to finish these in less than a week:

Now what? I had no idea; my mind was blank. So I pulled out some of Knitpicks Color Your Own and some Wilton dye. I found Juniper Green a few weeks ago and wanted to see if I could get a green that wasn't bright or pukey. I really like what I ended up with and now I have a Dublin Bay Sock going on.

Oh, you came here looking for finished pictures of my sock pal's pair? Hmph! Let's just say that there is some major surgery going on here right now and I'm not in the mood.

Anyway, back to the uncreative brain functions. I spent the past two days sitting in my craft room, pulling almost every skein, hank, ball and tangled mess out of their nice, neat containers and threw them around. Sure I've got everthing cataloged on my computer and pretty columned paper, but I needed to touch and caress them. I need inspiration!!! Swatches were casted on, tore off the needles and bad words were said. Nothing. Okay, I don't have the largest stash around, nor the most extensive pattern collection, but it's decent and I thought I should come up with anything. I walked away last evening feeling defeated and torn-up. It's just yarn, I know.

This morning I had a brilliant idea: have a stash sale! I could sell what I am not excited about and get some stuff I really need. No. Who wants one ball of this and one ball of that? Plus I'm not ready to part with most of my pets quite yet. Last alternative: charity knitting. Work with what I have and need to get rid of and do some good at the same time.

Yes, it IS that bright

Then it comes to me that I need to make the boys vests. What better way to use up the yarn that isn't enough for a sweater and too much for a hat and glove set. Wait! They do need those too! Okay, I'm wasting time typing, must go knit some cute kid stuff...

Fall colors for Reilly, jewels for Connor and green if I run out for the ribbing