Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One Year Later

It was one year and three days ago that Royd came home from Iraq. It's been a short but very happy year. Well, it was great while it lasted. I got official notification this morning of a stop loss/move that will go into effect mid-March. That's all we really know at this point. There isn't a date set for deployment yet, but it's coming up soon. Probably June or July.

Admittedly I'm quite teary-eyed today. Although I knew a deployment was coming up, you're never really prepared for it. I guess we just kept hoping that it wouldn't happen before we moved again. Ugh. Well, I guess it's better than the limbo we've been in for the past few months. Now we know and can go forward from here.

I know this post is missing explanations and coherent order, I'm just kinda not there yet. I just felt like I should document this day for myself. I'll be back later this week with brighter news!